Sunday, October 9, 2011

champion lakes duathlon race report 2011

this race was kinda disappointing.  the folks just didnt turn up. i dont know if there was alot of other events on or what but the numbers were small.  it is well run and the course - while flat is still challenging with the wind and heat.  my age group 45-49 is usually one of the most competitive and this is the state championships for long course duathlon.  so why did only four girls sign up in my age group to then only have two show up and compete.  there is no swim ?  that has to be a bonus for some.   then they had new timing chips attached to the back of your race number which then malfunctioned.  they resolved it pretty quick but the girl who came second to me is showing as a dnf.  so now it even looks like i had no one to compete against and won totally by default.  it was funny last year when i came third but this is just embarrassing.  but now you do know who i am - i am the state duathlon long course champion in the 45-49 female age group.  just remember that and be very afraid.

now to the race.  no rain this year but only just as black clouds hung around for awhile.  it was hot and the cross winds were annoying - you never got a true tailwind.  i havent run much in the last few weeks and my training has been all about the bike.  i didnt rest up for this so the legs were going in tired.  this is probably more a 'c' race or training day.  the first 5k run started fast and i hung on for the first 2k running 5 min pace.  my legs felt okay.  they felt terrible the day before and i had slept in my skins which had really perked them up.  so while my legs felt good my breathing didnt.  i had my heart rate monitor on for the first time in a race and i was surprised to see later that i wasnt racing in the red zone - even though it felt like it.  by the 4k mark i had slowed down and just wanted to be on the bike.  besides being hot and windy you can actually see how far you have to run and that does your head in a little bit.  i wont look next time and will focus on the ducks.

i think i was hoping for a miracle on the bike and while i did pass quite a few people and it got me closer to the middle of the pack i wasnt going to break any records.  i did feel good and even with the crosswinds i enjoyed the bike.  with the lower numbers the course was easier and you didnt have to watch out for the maniacs. 

at this point i could have quite happily called it a day.  the second run was a short 2.5k and the first k was very slow but after that i got back on a normal and easy pace.  my goal for this race was about training and really showed that while you may log the hours nothing beats race fitness.  i suffered a bit on the runs and it was good reminder that i pretty much suck at this but more about that in a later blog. 

after the race i discovered i was in first place but actually didnt believe it.   so i hung around for the presentations and i was hoping to score some free stuff in the spot prizes - no luck.  it also gave me a chance to catch up with another friend who also came first in her age group.  then i headed home to bask in the glory of being a state champ.  as for the result i was first in run, first off the bike and first in the second run.  my only other competitor was obviously last.  i was faster than last year.  that is actually more impressive.

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