Monday, October 17, 2011

cape to cape western australia is just days away

only three two days until the adventure begins.  i dont know how i feel - excited for sure and looking forward to getting away from the city and work.  my legs are not great and i have really backed off the workouts.  i am hoping they come back to me real soon.  i am not worried about any stage of the event - but i am worried about having four stages back to back.  for the elites this will total 10 hours or less of riding time over four days - a sprint really.  for me it is an endurance event that over the four days will probably total around 15-16 hours.

just part of the stuff one needs to ride a mtb

i started getting organised a few weeks back - ordering shotz/gels, got the bike serviced, spare parts and tools, waterproof jacket etc. i dont want to spend anymore money aaghhhh.  it is amazing how much gear is required.  i am so glad i decided not to camp.  anyway i started putting it all together yesterday and friggin hell there is so much stuff.  mountain biking burns the calories so i have to make sure i have plenty of food and drink.  pre-race, during the race and post race.  it can get pretty rough out there so i need to carry tools and spares.  the weather doesnt look good - rain is forecast for three out of four days and it is always colder and wetter down there than here.  so i need clothes for all conditions.

stage one - cape leeuwin lighthouse augusta to hamelin bay 39.86 km

the event starts at the cape leeuwin lighthouse which is situated at the southern tip of the capes region where the indian and southern oceans meet.  we start with a tough 4km climb before heading into the forest west of augusta.  at the 7km mark we reach heartbreak hill - a tough 1km climb that (apparently) has recently been graded.  we then ride through private farmland before reaching the stage highlight - deepdene beach.  depending upon the elements the beach ride of 1.5k can either be a breeze or unrideable.  once off the beach there is a series of back tracks through cosy corner where some finals hills will test the legs before reaching the finish line at hamelin bay.

stage two - hamelin bay to xanadu winery margaret river 62.42 km

stage two begins with a road climb before heading into boranup forest and 25km of amazing track featuring every type of trail imaginable. sections of the trail include emu's, vincent, tunnel run, three rocks (not more fucking rocks!), lord of the rings, donovan, and the quarry.  this stage has spectacular scenery and once out of the forest we head north towards the vineyards of margaret river.  there will be backtrails (hope i dont get lost and the elves hold me captive) and water crossings that could vary in depth.  apparently the chances of reaching the vineyards DRY is very small.

stage three - xanadu winery to colonial brewery margaret river 51.34 km

who doesnt want to ride from a winery to a brewery !  this is the toughest stage and coming on day three will be the challenge.  it is also the charity day where we ride for people on the transplant waiting list - cool !  the stage starts with a ride through the cape mentelle winery before entering the rails trails or pines of margaret river.  this is a 30km mixture of single trail and disused fire breaks and will offer the best technical riding of the event.  my nemesis.  yah. 

stage four - colonial brewery to dunsborough 68.83 km

traditionally this is a fast stage but it is also long.  we start by riding across a series of private properties before connecting with the rails trails north of cowaramup.  this is a mixture of farm tracks and back roads.  this will suit me being open riding on hard tracks.  however once we reach dunsborough a technical finish awaits.  the final 5km runs through meelup park which (apparently) bought many riders undone last year.  once the pea gravel and boulders (what ! fucking BIG rocks this time !) have been negotiated we will see the blue waters of geographe bay and cape naturaliste.   

this is a map of the walking trail but it gives you the
overall picture.

i am staying at a nice (hopefully) b&b in margaret river.  at the end of each stage my bike gets locked away in a secure compound (for $10 per night) and i catch the event bus back to the start.  i drive home for the night before heading back to the previous days finish line to then start the next stage.  margaret river is very central and  the longest drive i will have is at the start on the first day in augusta which is 50km away.  

i hope to take plenty of photos and while i will not have internet access i will take my laptop so i can write up a stage report every night.  while i chill out in my compression gear and refuel on pasta (sob ! no wine).   my goal is to really enjoy myself, meet plenty of people, soak up the scenery and location and FINISH all four stages.  i would also like to see if i can locate my sense of humour.  i feel like i have lost it recently and dammit janet i just want to have fun.

 wish me luck !


Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK!! I wish i could go with you and be your #1 cheerleader!! It does doung like a lot of FUN and i hope you have fun! Are Ma and Pa watching the Puppies? I look forward to the report after you get back. Have a safe trip!

jenez_world said...

thanks dude. yes the girls will have to put up with the little maggotty dog for a few days !!