Monday, September 26, 2011

i am a weed

driving to work the other day and while waiting at a set of traffic lights i found myself gazing at a bunch of weeds. i dont know why but it occurred to me that i am a weed.  not just any weed but a weed like this one.  it had the most amazing flowers.  which is great but it is still a weed. 

it is magpie season.  this brings back memories of trying to swat them away with my hockey stick walking home from school.  it is not too bad being attacked while you are on the bike. as long as you see them coming (the shadow can give them away) and you are wearing a helmet.  you usually move out of their zone pretty quick too.  wouldnt like to get caught out when running.  they are the smartest bird and actually recognise people.  apparently they only attack strangers.

this week there has been two shark sightings around the busselton jetty.  one (a great white apparently) was seen trying to grab a free feed out of someones crab net.  they closed the beach.  we are coming into the migration season so not a good time to go swimming.  i read the other day that during the attack that occurred down port kennedy the shark was seen swimming off with the victim in his mouth.  fuck.  i am not reading this shit anymore. 

it is only 27 days until the cape to cape mountain bike adventure.  a few days ago i suddenly realised (i think after reading the course description) that this is going to be four days of very hard riding.  i need to get some miles into these legs.  my training goal has been to get my base hours up to 10 per week in an average build week.  generally i have done this.  i have been riding to work a bit and got in 200k this last week.  this week i want to ride three days in a row.  60k friday, 40k mtb saturday and 100k sunday. 

i am really excited about this adventure.  i changed my mind about camping.  too much to worry about so i booked into a nice bed and breakfast in margaret river.  i have also decided against attending the functions at the winery and brewery (friday/saturday night) as i will need every little bit of rest i can get.  stage 1 is 40k with a 4k hill climb to start and a 1.5k ride along the beach at low tide included.  stage 2 is 60k, stage 3 - which is meant to be the most challenging is 50k and  stage 4 is another 60k.  i hope to get some great photos along the way and will right up a blog report as i progress.

casey girl is at the vets today getting a disfiguring wart removed from her pretty face.  a $480 wart.  how expensive are these vets.  gotta go pick her up. 

have a great week.

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