Monday, September 12, 2011

the glades cyclosportif byford 80k ride

this ride is organised by and is part of a five series of events.  i did the first event at waroona and really enjoyed it.  as mentioned before it is not a race but a team event that encourages people to participate at whatever level and have a great day out.  no pressure right ! 

i was again with the individual team (for the people who have no friends) and two of the guys from waroona were entered again.  i was surprised that they still didnt have a team.  then there were two new guys and me.  the lone chick again. 

the ride starts in byford which is about 45 minutes south of home.  it would be a 40k out and back with the turn around at the serpentine dam.  the first 20k was flat before reaching what was described as undulating and hilly.  we would then turn around at the dam and head back. 

serpentine dam
i figured that the guys would just dump me from the start and i would be on my own again.  but for the first 20k we actually rode together.  the two guys from the waroona ride really put the pressure on (me) when they were at the front but i managed to hang on averaging around 35-40k per hour until we reached the hills.  i dont know if i tested my legs a bit too much trying to keep up at the start but this was a tough ride in as much as i really pushed myself.

i have also come to accept that i have terrible bike skills.  i knew this deep down but i have been trying to avoid the reality of it.  i cant change gears correctly when it comes to hill riding.  i get out of sync and lose cadence.  i get lazy and try to avoid changing.  i also lose some of the free time on the downhills because i dont relax and i tend to put the brakes on - my max speed did reach 50.4 km p/h which i think is my quickest yet.  three of the four guys had disappeared but james - who said he was a bit under done for the ride was kind enough to stay with me.  he has a great deal of riding and bike experience and was excellent for advice. he said he was hoping to finish the ride in under three hours and we were pretty close to that so hopefully he still enjoyed the day.  most of the time he was slightly in front but i worked hard to stay on his wheel - especially through the windy flats coming back into byford.  my legs were rooted.  the weather was an absolutely fantastic and a gorgeous spring day.  it did get a bit warm out there but i loved it.

hope the guy behind me is giving me the thumbs up on my excellent biking skills !
the organisation was brilliant and while it was not closed roads all the intersections were manned and they had a drink station at the top the of the first climb which was great to see.  i didnt stay for the meal but headed home straight after.  i had lawns to mow and pavers to move.  in bed by 9 pm.  check out the elevation from mr. garmin.


Burber King said...

Hi there
James here (from the Byford ride). Just found your blog after Googling the 50/50 ride, which I'm doing this weekend. It was funny to read the ride report, not even realising at the time that it was a ride I was on, and it eventually dawning on me who you were talking about :-)
Thanks for your kind comments - it was a good morning out!

jenez_world said...

Hello James

Small world isnt it ! Enjoy the 50/50. Tough course and even more single track this year. I will probably only do Dwellingup 40k this year. Training for the full ironman so cant risk a major MTB crash ! Take care.