Thursday, August 4, 2011

my running nemesis

thanks to a comment and a great link which then became a helpful suggestion from mike at i went and had my running technique evaluated.  if you have read the problem with feet  you will have some of the background.  the good news is that while my calves still tighten up when i run past 10k the issue at the back of my left knee has disappeared.  my feet have been good but i still feel twinges every now and then.

so i made an appointment at the running centre to see a guy who is the state champion in the 1500m, 5k and 10k distance (he runs this in just under 31 mins - i had to ask).  he is also a physio so i should be in good hands and i was.  this was money very well spent.  first up he got me to run for five minutes on the treadmill while they filmed it.  we all have egos so trust me - i look at this video and i see the flaws.  i am the harshest critic. 

they do not film you above the waist for privacy reasons.  i have to try and remember everything i was told.  i have excellent upper body posture so no issue there.  arms and back posture good.  my hips do not drop (my t-shirt stays level)  and my butt muscles etc support what they have to support.  my left foot pronates a little but it is so minor they classify me as neutral.  my foot fall is in the correct alignment to my body position, hips and knees etc and my foot height as the leg comes through to the back is also perfect.  i dont land too heavily.  my feet also land in the correct area in front of my body - not too far out, just right.  i dont land right on my heel but i dont land on  my mid sole either.  if you slow the footage down you get a much better opportunity to analyse every movement.  he did mention that my knees appear to be  slightly off centre but this doesnt have a negative impact.

after this we went into the consult room where i was put through strength and flexibility tests and i was asked numerous questions.  they checked out my hip flexors, itb, glutes, calves, hammies, quads  etc. everything was either fine or pretty good.  all up this took just over an hour.  so what was the end result ?  i am fine.  there is NOTHING wrong with my running technique.  so why the feet problems and why am i now having trouble running further than 10k ?  well marc believes that after the busselton half my body just decided it had enough and didnt want to run anymore.  it needed a rest.  to get past this he has suggested that i use heat, massage and strength excercises and that i also do some beach running and add in 30 second bursts of running on my mid to forefoot during the long run.  the problem with the back of my left knee is also related to my calves as that muscles goes all the way up to the knee and is the exact spot.  most of this will also help with my feet.   when it comes down to it i need to build my body up so it can handle what i then want to put it through.  i have never been a long distance runner.  my feet and calves have never had to do that type of work.  so just like before it is up to me how much work i put in and therefore what type of result i will get.      

so no miracle cure but great relief to know that my running style is just fine and i do not need to change anything.  i need to follow the recommendations and i need the RIGHT training programme.  i must also run my long runs slower.  before the 70.3 i remember saying to a fellow triathlete that after the race i was going to take two weeks off and have a good break/rest.  this comment was mocked and i was told that was a crazy idea.  i will never make a decision again because i feel pressured by what another person thinks.  i will always do what i think feels right. 

one comment that marc made and i believe is true is that triathletes tend to train the hard days easy (too tired) and the easy days too hard (guilty about being tired).  i do the training and now i need to do the training right.

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