Monday, July 11, 2011

a single track day

the weather fucking sucks.  yes we are back to me complaining about winter.  my phone tells me it is 11.5 degrees but that it feels like 8.9.  who does that for weatherzone ?  do they have  someone who they send outside to see what they think it feels like ?  anyway it is fucking cold and wet.  i have to mention that this is not early in the morning or late in the evening but in the middle of the day.  and i am in the mood for using some expressive and foul language.

my training has been very up and down.  i was on a roll with swimming until it got cold and i didnt go near a pool last week.  i did run three days for 25k so that is an improvement.  i rode to work on friday and totally had a blast.  i plan to make this a regular friday thing.  i hadnt been on the roadie for a few weeks and i had missed it.  the ride in was cool and i avoided most of the traffic by riding the bike path down west swan road in caversham and then through the back streets of guildford.  it slows the trip down but who cares.  i will take most of my gear into work thursday as riding with a backpack is a bummer.  23k each way so nice ride and excellent experience for me as i am not a great rider in traffic.

i am slightly depressed.  i have given up drinking wine.  i have finally admitted defeat.  no matter what i try it makes me feel like crap.  not when i am drinking it - no that makes me feel fine.  i have tried organic and i have tried the stuff that removes the preservative and i still have trouble sleeping and i still wake up feeling like i drank the whole bottle rather than just one glass.  it is fucking cruel. 

sunday was my big day out on the munda biddi trail.  i have been starting my ride from the beginning of the heritage trail in midland as you get to ride 13.5k while going from 0 to 300m in elevation.  you start thinking that you have no legs as the trail does not look like it is climbing.  it wasnt until i came back the same way and was flying down the mountain that i noticed the impact.  so now i ride it every week as an excellent exercise in endurance.  once i get to mundaring i leave the heritage trail and get onto the munda biddi trail.  this is where the fun begins and the single track is awesome.  i have really tried to concentrate on developing some sort of skill.  being in the right gear, thinking about positioning my weight on the bike and trying to make sure i dont tear my pedals off on rocks etc so i try to ride with them level.  my new bike has made a huge difference.  i rode up three gravel climbs yesterday that i have never been able to make before.  i gave a little fist pump in the air. 

this is at the start of the pipeline section past the mundaring weir hotel.  the ride drops 200m in elevation before you climb back up 200m over a short 2km tough single track section.  it was at this point that i turned around and headed back.  i figured that would make it a 4 hour ride and about 55k.  rain was forecast for the afternoon and it was already getting colder.  by the time i got back to the car my feet were completely numb and i had to stop on the way and put my full gloves back on.

i havent managed to ride through a big pile of mud yet -
not prepared to clean the bike and shoes.  give it time.

this track veers off to the left (but ends up at the same spot)
and is the way i went.  bad move - much harder.
this picture is quite deceptive and it is steeper than it looks.

the bushfires went through this section during the summer. 

if the weather holds up and the rain stays away i will probably head further down the munda biddi trail and ride a section that i havent been to before - the trail covers 330k so i should be busy for awhile.  i will need the fitness and single track training as i have the kalamunda 50/50 the following weekend.  that is 50k of which 50% is single track.  the course details have not been released yet so i have no clue what to expect.  hope the fucking weather doesnt suck.

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