Thursday, July 21, 2011

amongst other things i am changing my name to emma

if you follow the itu world championship triathlon series you will know that the aussie girls had an oi oi oi moment in hamburg and came in 1 , 2 and 3.  and they are all called emma.  how bizarre.  i wonder what the chances are.  i have to also mention that brad kahlefeldt came in first for the guys so the aussies are blitzing it.

at the moment one of the guys from the channel dare group that trains through swim smooth is about half way across the english channel.  the link for any updates is  i did not know but more people have climbed mt everest than have swam the english channel.  i would choose the swim over the climb.  anyway each one of the channel dare ten will have their attempt over the next few months and hopefully they will all be successful. 

last friday i had a very weird moment.  i was at work and it was just before lunch and i was talking to my boss when all of a sudden strange coloured lights appeared in my vision.  i mentioned it as it happened out of the blue and was very strange.  i thought it would vanish straight away like the little black floaters i sometimes get.  but it didnt and i realised it was both eyes or more like my overall vision.  it looked like two circles that had many straight and jagged edges and were coloured like stained glass.  i sat down and tried closing my eyes to see if it would go away but i could still see the coloured circles EVEN with my eyes shut.  it wasnt just one eye.  i couldnt see my computer clearly and it was then i had a moment where i freaked out just a bit - quietly on the inside.  then i started to feel quiet ill and my head started to hurt.  as it turns out it appears to have been a visual migraine.  while i do not get migraines and even after this free light show my head only hurt slightly it seems this is what happened.  at the time i took nurofen plus straight away and this probably helped to prevent things becoming more painful.  since then i havent felt great and will need to go and get myself totally checked out.  have to eliminate the possibility of a brain tumour or problems with my eyeballs.  i didnt stay at work and once my vision came back (after about 30 minutes) i went home and chilled out on the sofa.  very strange experience and very stressful to have a moment when you think your body is failing you on a serious level.    

because of this and a general feeling of blahness my training has suffered.  i have to re-focus and get my shit together.  i have the kalamunda 50/50 this weekend and i am quietly excited about it.  rode some great single track last sunday.  felt like crap but i crawled up hills that i never dreamed of riding last year.  it is that pretty bike i bought.  rain is forecast so it could be a messy 50k. 

damn - i hope cadel wins. 


Anonymous said...

DUDE.....wish u had mailed me about the vision thingy.....IT IS A CLUSTER MIGRAINE. i have had it ONCE and it is so scary. now i just have the regular migraines...oh joy!! the day i had what happened to you happened at work also and my boss suffers from them so warned me right away to take something as i was gonna get the mother of all migraines. very scary. yes get it checked out just to be sure.

let me know!! it is a totally frightening experience when it happens. my boss got them a lot...thankfullt women dont get them do.

that is very cool about all the Emma's!! WINNING!

Anonymous said...

also taking the meds like you did TOTALLY saved you from the migraine from hell. the good news is you will most likely never have one again. did u know Dad suffred migraines for a long time? Mum always sd they were heachaches but he found out they were migraines. another cool thing i inherited. i did get a good once over when they first started. since you said your head started to immediatley hurt i am sure it was a cluster/visual migraine. VERY VERY scary stuff. it happens JUST LIKE THAT!!