Monday, June 6, 2011

hbf run for a reason 14k race report 2011

this is well overdue but i am suffering from post half ironman blues and a lack of enthusiasm.  blah.  anyway i signed up for this because i did it last year (that is not a good enough reason by the way) and i thought that even though i had no idea how i would pull up after the half i could either not show - the event is all about raising money for charity so no loss there or i could just turn up and give it a shot.  during the week i had run twice only a 5 and a 6k and my calves were tight so i wasnt convinced it was a good idea.  (note - listen to self). 

last year was the inaugural year and about 4000 runners showed up to run the incorrect course of 14.5k.  this year there were about 10,000 people and a correct 14k course.  it was chilly but no rain.  the event was so well organised - especially the bag drop off and pick up.  great effort trievents.  they had a band at the start playing some great tunes to get everyone pumped and the t-shirts for north versus south of the river were brilliant except for the fact that my medium was probably designed for a medium 6ft 120 kilo friggin giant who obviously doesnt run enough.  i hate scoring a freebie that doesnt fit.

i had seeded myself in group b based on last year.  the start was but once we got onto riverside drive it was very congested.  they need to open up both sides of the road.  i was running along the road and then having to hop up onto the grass verge to run past the people walking ?!!  WTF.  why (oh why) do people put themselves at the start and then after 500 m WALK.  i was running 5 minute pace and my plan was to take it easy at 6 min pace.  once we got onto the freeway overpass things opened up and i could slow down and settle a little bit.  the crowds were great and all the bands along the way were fantastic.  running through the tunnel i lost my gps and it threw out the overall distance.  i wasnt too worried as they had a marker at each kilometre and all i needed to know was pace per km.

i stopped and walked for 10 seconds or so at two or three aid stations.  i knew that i was running harder than i wanted and tried to slow the pace but deep down i just wanted to get it over with.  the wind was nowhere to be found this year so it was quite nice running past the burswood and being close to the river.  the last kilometre or so i really pushed it.  my legs were tightening up and while my calves had hung in there i wanted to get it done.  the last km was run in 4.50 for an overall time of 1.19.01 at 5.38 pace.  last year i ran the 14.5k at 5.42 pace. 

i didnt stay around afterwards and grabbed my bag and headed to the train station for the ride back to guildford and my car.  the grass and all areas were wet so no stretching.  by the time i got home my legs ached and i ran a hot bath.  probably should have jumped in an ice bath.  my running has been up and down since with constant niggles.  so this was probably not a great idea and it is back to square one.   this is a wonderful event and a shame that it is only two weeks apart from the half.  i doubt that i will do it next year but you never know.

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