Tuesday, June 28, 2011

and life goes on

i have been a quiet blogger.  things have settled down since busselton and i seem to have found my winter routine.

i have my swimming mojo back and i am loving it.  in the past i swam tuesday, thursday and saturday. now i have changed it to monday, wednesday and saturday. the two week day swims are at belmont pool which i have started to like. even though it is a heated indoor 50m pool it is not that warm but it is quiet and i usually get a lane to myself. but the highlight of my week is my saturday session at swim smooth. it has an open water focus and it is fast and furious. i love claremont pool. it is an outdoor heated pool and warmer than belmont and the water is just perfect. i will jot down this weeks workout and report back as they are a ripper.

I stole this picture from the squad blog. 
It was taken at 7 a.m. just before a big downpour and storm.

after my swim on saturday i head over to Kings Park and go for one of my three runs.  part of the city to surf half-marathon course (that i have 8 weeks to train for) goes through here and i have been getting in some hill running.  it is also a beautiful location and i need to take my camera.  my leg and calves are improving but i still dont have that spring in my run.  i have really been trying to stick to my stretching routine and i am now starting strength exercises.  i really never thought running would be so hard.  good news is that my feet are okay. 

i havent been on the road bike for two weeks.  since the leg starts up when i push the distance i thought i would have a break.   i havent had a weekend off from riding long in months and months so i dont think it will hurt.  the bike is now on the indoor trainer ready to tour france late into the night.  what I did do on sunday was to take my new MTB out for her first ride.  i did an easy 40k trail ride and i dont know how but it was completed 20 minutes quicker than any of the rides of the same trail i did last year.  quick bike or fast legs ?  the bike is awesome.

i dont say much about my really personal life because it is personal but this is funny and triathlon related - kinda.  i went out to dinner with a guy i knew from triathlon events and work.  nice guy, not really my type but you never know.  we knew we had triathlon in common and as it turns out that is ALL we had in common.  but the food was nice and i didnt feel the need to climb out the bathroom window.  as it was i could have snuck out the front door while he was having a power nap.  now i know what it is like to train hard and work hard.  he had asked to have dinner at 6.30 pm (only my elderly parents eat that early) but seriously - he couldnt stay awake past 9 pm ?  i am sure i was not that boring. 

so life goes on.



Anonymous said...

you made me spit my water out when i got to the part that he fell asleep....at the dinner table? HA HA HA this is priceless!! did you have to wake him up?

jenez_world said...

he couldnt keep his eyes open. it was funny. he needs to plan his nana naps and training better !

Anonymous said...

so i guess a 2nd date is out of the question!! i am not lauging at you at all...i am laughing at the way you tell it!! Poor dude needs to eat dinner at 5!!