Saturday, May 28, 2011

the race is done - now what ?

it has been close to three weeks since busselton and much has happened.  busselton was the last event of the triathlon season and i have been out of sorts since.  getting back into training has been up and down.  last week i ran the hbf run for a reason 14k funrun (report to come) and that was just hard work.  then i have struggled with the flu this week and felt guilty about everything i am not doing.  i never planned for post busselton.  as a final farewell to the season here is me finishing at busselton.  the commentator says something about the curtain closing.  he has no idea what it means and neither do i so i dont know if he was talking about me or another competitor's bio.

it was my birthday last week.  i am now 47 and feeling just friggin fantastic.  i once again purchased myself a most awesome gift.  i dont know how i do it but i always seem to know what i would like and i have to admit - i think i have outdone myself.  check it out - i am gonna have me some fun over winter.
isnt she pretty !

yesterday my dog casey girl had to go to the vets for her yearly health check etc.  she had to get on the scales and it was very sad and embarrassing.  they know it is not all fur but 32kg of fat dog.  so i have decided to take action.  today both casey and molly dog will have an official weigh in.  i have written up a training program for them to follow.  yesterday we had a trial run to see where their fitness level is at.  using mr garmin we walked to the oval as the warm up followed by an interval session of 400m x 2 with 1.30 RI.  the walk back home was the cool down.  well the first lap was okay although towards the end i was pulling casey.  she chose to roll on the ground and lie panting for her 1.30 rest period.  the second 400 casey just quit half way and sat down in protest.  casey is nearly nine years old or 63 in human years so this is going to be a gradual process.  molly dog is three years younger and probably carrying less body weight for her size.  their diets are pretty good so there is not alot to be gained from any changes - it will be all about the running.

my other new project is food.  i suck at cooking.  i dont really -  i just dont have the patience to cook well.
my diet has been up and down and for some reason i currently hate salad - i LOVED salad.  maybe i ate it too much.  but food in general has been weird.  i am hungry but there is nothing i want to eat.  i am over vegemite so my salt levels must be back to normal.  so in the spirit of julia/julia i have purchased jamie olivers 30 minute meals book and will cook one meal plan each week and report back on my progress.

since this blog is all about the swimming it is time to talk swimming.  i will admit that i have struggled to find my swimming mojo.  when i changed pools i lost my direction and went from something that was very routine to being all over the place.  i need to get my consistency back.  one of the best things i have done is join the swim smooth training group.  swim smooth are located at claremont pool which is about 50 minutes from home.  the session i attend is all about open water and drafting skills - perfect for me.  so while it is in the middle of the day and can kill off time for other things i do - it is so worth it and so much FUN.  it is wonderful to be able to train with other people and they are a great group.  check out the swim smooth website.  i have to mention here that paul and co. are currently training to swim the english channel in approx 7 weeks time - AWESOME.  and to put things really into perspective one of the guys swam to rotto a few weeks back as a training session - that is a 19k one way open water swim.  now while he was there he didnt go to the pub and put his feet up.  instead (i am guessing)  he had something to eat before turning  around and swimming back.  AMAZING.  i will let you know how the channel swim goes. 

now i gotta go and prune the garden and be a responsible home owner.  by the way - my new job is going okay but i dont want to say too much too soon.  it could be good. 

chow baby.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the video!! you dont have to send it now!! Love the bike...why did you need a new one?? Did your vet yell at you about the dogs? they don't eat that much but i guess they need walkies. you should hire a dog walker!! HA HA

when u plan for something so long like you did with the IronMan and then DO IT it's sort of a "what now" for sure. I know the full iron man is a while away. so you plan a new goal?

maybe run the New York Marathon?? i have no idea when it is. i know the Philly one was lat ein the year as it was sooooooooo cold.

jenez_world said...

the bike is a mountain bike so different from the road bike. you can never have enough bikes !!!