Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 busselton ironman 70.3 race report - part one

so you know i finished and you know the time and i am pretty friggin happy.  when i headed off for this event i was satisifed that i had put everything i had into the training and now i can also say the same for the race.  hindsight is a wonderful thing but i have no regrets at all and that feels awesome.  it all came together.

race week

had my final massage monday night and mel got a little carried away working the calves and they ended up a  bit sore.  ran an easy 5k tuesday and it felt okay.  went for a 30k ride wednesday morning and had planned a p.m. swim but canned that in order to pack.  it is in my nature so i had a list of everything i needed for every conceivable event so it took awhile to pack it all up.  at this stage my feet were still burning up on the bike but not too bad on the run.  felt like i was walking on pebbles all day wednesday.   the constant massage, icing and restriction was doing my head in.  it felt like i was getting niggling problems all over.  managed to get on the road by 8.30 am and after stopping by to say hello to gweeds i was in bunbury by 11.30.  dropped the dogs off and chatted to ma and pa before heading off (as the rain started) to busselton.  checked into my room at the abbey beach resort and it was awesome.  nice big spa in the bathroom.  but in my rush to get all my crap upstairs i was pulling my suitcase up and tripped and landed on hard tiles on one side of my butt.  it hurt.  so more ice and more worry.  i could not believe i was so stupid.  the resort had an indoor 25m pool so i swam an easy 2k to make up for the missed swim.  while my stroke felt strong i could feel my butt hurting, my feet playing up and my shoulder was feeling weird.  WTF !!!  so back to my room and i filled the spa with a bath bomb and epsom salts.  in a very cosy and comfy bed by 9pm and i slept like a friggin baby. 

registration day

when i woke and sat up i realised my butt bone on the right side hurt and had not healed overnight.  good news is my feet felt okay but got the ice packs out and went through the routine - again.  put some nurofen gel onto the butt cheek, dressed for a ride and headed out the door.  it was fresh but no wind and no rain.  rode down to the jetty and the water was like glass.  hoping it is like this tomorrow.  only planned a 20k ride so turned around and headed home - i wasnt the only one out and about either.  my feet only burned a little bit so more ice packs.  the calves had improved and felt normal for once.  got changed and drove down to the venue and the expo.  i wanted my been there, done that and got a hoodie to prove it.  i had a big breakfast but was still hungry so i drove to dunsborough and the BAKERY to grab some lunch and seriously got the best ever chicken, avacado and salad roll and a massive cinnamon roll topped with icing sugar.  it was friggin glorious.  then after a little rest it was back down to the venue with the bike and the check-in.  this was really quick and easy and i loved all the goodies.  the towel is awesome and while i am not over the moon about the t-shirt at least it  is a good quality reebok running shirt.  back to the resort and a quick 15 minute swim to chill out.  butt was still hurting.  had an early dinner before heading back down for the race briefing at 7.30 p.m.  it was all pretty standard and i was glad to get the last thing out the way so i could get back to finalising my gear and getting to bed. 

up to this point i had had different moments over the last week of feeling sheer panic to then being extremely relaxed.  i had surprised myself by sleeping well the previous night.  when i felt myself getting anxious i made my sensible self have a few words with the neurotic self.  this seemed to be working and i slept well again.  all the gear was organised, the food was ready, the feet and butt had been iced again and there was nothing more to be done.  the forecast was for fine weather but a chance of strong winds.  out of my control so nothing to worry about there.  so now the only thing left to do was to swim, bike and run.  part two tomorrow !

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! cannot wait to read part 2. Your time was incredible!! A dude just rode his bike across the USA...3000 miles, he did it in 75 days. just finished today..maybe you can do THAT next!! he did it to raise money and awareness to childhood obesity and lack of exercise for kids these days.

you always need the next "bucket list" item to work on:)