Thursday, April 28, 2011

well hello legs - where have you been ?

it is taper time and something strange has happened.  it seems that  i have legs and they are back.  i can swim.  easter was a great time as i nailed all my workouts but also slept and rested - alot.  i could feel my legs recovering just like they do after you have done something new or completed a big race.  i was happy.  and relieved.  my swimming had me stressed with dreams of me clinging to the jetty as everyone else swam by.  i am not tempted to do anything more than what is in my training plan so i am being good.
as a final note to my last post (for the love of triathlon) i think that once a person has determined why they compete and what motivates them other variances to consider are balance and focus.   balance is a hard one and purely by the nature  of triathlon it can become addictive.  we all have our limits and mine is wearing a sperm helmet (this will never happen) and peeing on myself whilst racing.  i dont think that i will ever be in a position that five minutes will matter that much.  i have learnt that it is very important to focus on yourself only.  you can listen and learn from what everyone else is doing and saying but when it comes down to it you need to make your own decisions based on what is best for you and not other people.  no sheep allowed.

things i learnt while training for my first half ironman

1. i didnt think the bike and run would ruin my legs so i could not swim well.
2. i would have a strong yoga/pilates/strength program to look after the body.
3. while this time it was only about building endurance and making the distance there should be some focus on quality sessions.
4. i need a stronger recovery strategy.
5. to have a better home routine (balance) and improve my nutrition (meals etc).
6. how much it is going to take to train for a full ironman.

things i need to catch up on after training for my first half ironman

1. i have two fat dogs who couldnt run 2k. bad me.
2. my garden is overgrown and sad.
3. the house needs a major clean (blinds, carpets - everything !!!).
4. i need to buy normal clothes.
5. i have to spend money on the house and not the sport.
6. i must apply myself in my new job

t.s. eliot wrote 'only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go'.  i can honestly say that after 20 weeks of training, with the skills and knowledge that i had, i could not have done more.  week 17, which was my biggest week and close to 16 hours of training, took me to the edge of what my body could handle.  i am pretty happy i went there.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe it is less than a week away!! WAHOOOO!!! It went by so fast. All your hard work will pay off!!

jenez_world said...

thanks dude. time to rock 'n' roll on the highway to hell.