Thursday, April 7, 2011

terror in the night

last night was a twilight night of terror.  i was in bed early and fast asleep at midnight.  i know i was dreaming about running and it was on my mind as i had to get up at 4.45 am to get in my long run.  it was nothing specific but i remember i started coming awake as i heard people outside and the sound of running feet.  in my sleep haze i thought it was people trying to get me out of bed and out running and they were yelling at me to get a move on. 

then my dogs started barking and casey girl was really going for it.  then i realised that more than one person was banging on my front door.  i have a security screen/door and then my actual door which has two locks.  thank god for the security door.  i then realised that there was a group of people outside and they were yelling and screaming and really hammering at my door.  molly dog had run off to hide.  it is hard to convey but this was loud and it was aggressive.  i was too scared to look outside and i thought if i pretended no one was home they would go away.  dumb idea.  i didnt turn any lights on either.  then i heard one of them screaming to call the police and since the pounding on the front door was only getting worse i decided i had to. 

so then i run around trying to find a phone.  i trip over the dog on the way into the kitchen just as i remember the phone there is a useless hands free screen phone.  then i head into the study and grab the handset and call 111.  WTF is that number ? i could not remember the number and was confused between 911 from american television shows and what our emergency number is.  BTW it is 000.  so i get through to the police and they are aware of my address and they are aware of the situation.  it seems the people outside my front door are well know to the police and live further up the street in a homeswest (government - my tax dollars funded house) and i dont care about black or white - these people are trash.   the police informs me that a car has been sent and that i should just relax.  this really pissed me off.  he may have known these people but i could only assume they may have been armed and they may have been dangerous. 

the banging on the front door stops and i look out between the blinds.  the police van is there and i see three people who are obviously very drunk being lead away.  finally peace.  i really didnt know what to do then.  i had some water and got back into bed.  i read my book for awhile trying to relax again.  got back to sleep but it was restless.  i was kinda glad to get up for my run and made it around the neighbourhood for 18.5k.  very happy about that and only one more super long run to go.  

this morning i was on the phone to homeswest.  i refuse to accept that i have to live with people that have no regard for their neighbours and will give no second thought to terrorising people.  imagine if it had been ethel next door ?  she is a pensioner and even with lou home they are defenseless.    i have no problem with anyone who is doing the right thing and needs a helping hand.   but it pisses me off when people are given a nice house to live in and they choose to not only destroy and trash it but then to make everyone elses life unbearable. 


Anonymous said...

WOW....that is scary stuff, i would have been petrified!! What did they want? Also who was screaming to call the Cops? One of them? That would scare the crap out of me and when you are scared like that you cant recall what number to call or what to do as you cannot think straight. What did Homeswest say? I think you handled it well but maybe get a motion light? you would think the dogs barking woulda scared the scumbags off. Glad you are OK
PS forgot to tell u why i am so's tax time! JOY JOY

jenez_world said...

they were screaming to call the cops - fighting amongst themselves i think. there is a big street light out the front of my house and may have been why they picked me ! being woken up makes it even more freaky as you try and work out wtf is going on !

Anonymous said...

Oh OK gotcha!! what douche bags. yup being woken up like that makes you dis-orientated!! Last time we had drama like that was in NC. Here is it quiet as can be at night and helps that we have little traffic but for the people that live on the street....only time i was every scared here was when i thought the neighbors were being robbed and I snuck on to the deck with my cell phone ready to call 911 only to see the BIGGEST Raccon i have seen in my life!!! SCARED THE CRAP OUTTA ME. it was trying to break into trash cans and was throwing bottles..i guess they have hands is what i am told. funny if i had called 911 on a Racoon!!