Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hillarys 2# TriSeries Sprint Triahtlon Race Report

this was the last event in the five race series and somehow i have managed to finish them all.  this wasnt the hardest but i wouldnt say it was easy either.  my result sucked and i was really disappointed.  could i have tried any harder - probably not.  in the few days prior i had put in some hard work and friday was a 18.5k run in the morning and 3k swim after work.  saturday i rode 90k in the morning and then swam another 3k just after lunch.  i was secretly hoping for massive thunderstorms, lightning and hail for good measure but all i got was wind.  i you read this blog you will know that i have given ratings for the wind at this course and i am gonna go there and say it was at the top of the scale which is 'fucking windy'. 

did the usual stuff setting up and catching up with everyone was fun.  i have been lucky and met some great people this year.  i wasnt too worried about things and managed to get my wetsuit on without pulling holes in it or ripping out any black chunks.  i was feeling rather trim so i had my svelte bikesure tri suit on underneath.  the water was quite cool and while it looked calm i knew what would really happen once we reached that first buoy.  which i did quite quickly and i could see that i was just behind the lead swimmers by 10-15 metres.  but the wheels well and truly fell off once i turned around to swim across and then back to shore.  i was knackered.  no matter how well i was breathing i was just tired and trying to swim against a current was sapping all my strength.  i actually got pushed further out to sea and off course trying to get across to the turn around buoy.    on more than one occasion i thought about getting a lift back with the surf lifesavers.  end result was that this was my worst swim EVER and it makes me VERY sad and i dont want to talk about it.

so i take my time in transition and since they took down the numbered flags whereby you could locate your rack and bike it wasnt too hard.  i guess it was that friggin wind again.  nothing really went wrong - i just didnt rush. T1 3.13.

i felt good on the bike but the lap heading out was pretty much straight into the headwind with occasional gusts that were really strong and if you were caught unaware slightly dangerous.  i slogged my guts out for the 20k and managed to make up some time and pass some people.  time - 43.24.

i decided to try out my brooks running shoes and that meant socks and shoelaces so again i didnt rush things.  i was surprised to see anna at the same time as i thought she would be off and running.  we usually finish within a minute of each other so maybe i wasnt the only one having a bad day.  T2 2.10.

my running legs and rhythm felt good from the start and this was the best part of the day - i know - this is weird for me.  heading out straight into that friggin wind was a nightmare but coming back was great.  my calves did feel tight and i lost 30 seconds on the run when i stopped to stretch a bit but my shoes felt great and the feet were okay.  my pace each km was 5.36, 5.39, 5.55, 5.32 and 5.18.  i was feeling good coming home.  and yes i stopped around the 2.5k mark for that stretch.  because of my calves and feet i remember telling myself i was running too fast and it wasnt worth it and i needed to slow down.  i didnt have a problem doing that.  in the swim i had no choice and that is why i am upset about that result. time - 28.09.

the wrap up is that this year i have had to choose between racing the short course fast or training for busselton.  with my level of base, age and inexperience i could not do both.  so i chose busselton.  i finished 11th at this race.  there was only 2 minutes between myself and 5th place and i have beaten all the girls in that range on quite a few occasions.  so is it a positive that after all my training i was only a few minutes off the pace or do i take it as a negative and let the history books show that while others got faster i became slower ?  will it make me a better person that i have to suck it up and just think of the bigger picture ?  what will happen if all this doesnt pay off in busselton ?  will there be enough wine to drown my sorrows ?


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