Tuesday, March 22, 2011

to be my fathers daughter

i was talking to my dad the other day about race tactics and race goals. i said that if i was near the finish and a close friend or training partner were only 10 to 20 metres behind me that i would wait so we could cross the finish line together. i wouldn’t do this in a sprint or olympic distance but a HIM or IM i would. dad said no way – he would be across the finish (alone) as fast as his legs could muster. but then again if my dad was competing in a triathlon he would go out so hard in the swim, hammer it on the bike and even though he probably blew up on the run there is no way you would catch him walking. he would only make this mistake once. i have always considered myself a competitive person and so i am wondering where my killer instinct has gone and why i dont think i am in a race ?

to go back to the beginning you have to know my family or more importantly my dad. he was always good at sport. a state cricketer who earned a living playing professionally who was also a state footballer inducted into the w.a.f.l hall of fame. it had its advantages and disadvantages growing up. probably harder for my brother as people naturally have expectations. so sport has played a very significant part in our lives and we have always been competitive. dad gave us different footy teams to support and sledge about. he would set us up with a staggered start for sprint races on the front lawn. our cricket matches in the back yard on xmas day have had their fair share of dummy spits. dad has a natural and gifted ability but more importantly he has a sportsman’s brain.  it is what separates the good from the very good.

so where has my competitive edge gone ? when i think about it i don’t know if i ever had one. in year 7 at primary school i was the captain of red and i remember i dropt our best player in a hockey match because she didn’t come to training. i had a rule that if you didn’t train you didn’t get a game. that is not exactly  competitive. it is good discipline but weird for a 12 year old. but i did want to win and i thought if we trained really well we would win. i wasn’t popular until we bought home the trophy for the school athletics sports carnival and then all was forgotten. i played hockey for such a long time and liked to be competitive as a team but was i as an individual ? in my last year at high school i was runner-up champion girl. i did okay at high jumps, long jumps and sprint distance running - so if it does come down to that last 10-20 metres i have a pretty good chance of coming out in front. i think i was pretty aggressive or did it just come naturally ?

so where am i at with triathlon ? at the beginning it was all about finishing so i couldn’t afford to go out too hard not knowing my limits. now with the HIM i still have to keep that in the back of my mind until i complete a few. i know i don’t go out hard enough in the swim. being competitive is closely linked to confidence and in the last few years i have lost some of that. i am just as serious with my training as i was when 12 years old and the captain of red. i have spent a great deal of time learning and researching the sport. experience counts for a great deal so i have a long way to go but i don’t mind sharing what i do know. is this smart and competitive ? should i be thinking more like my dad. he would have given nothing away to his competitors. in actual fact he would have been pumping them for information to use against them on game day. is it possible to compete against your friends the same as you do against strangers ? do i want to ?

over the last few days i have come to the conclusion that i  need to decide whether or not it is a race.   the reality is i think i would find myself skipping to the finish line alone while my friend ran by.   it's a race and i am running my own.   


Lexy said...


I think you will find this very interesting and answer a few questions about that "killer instinct". It starts young and Dad has it. Kobe has no buddy's when it comes to competing, as in friends he may have on the opposing team. I hope you enjoy reading it. I think the GREATS are born with it, the naturals and then work on their craft to get better and better and better than all the rest, it goes hand in hand. I believe the killer instinct as well as natural born talent you are gifted but you have to work on it. There are a lot of people that are not gifted but work hard and succeed, same as those born gifted but don't work on it and just get by.

Kobe. Jordan and Dad....all born with gift and that killer instinct and they stand out because they live and breath their craft. That's why it is so hard for them when it is over...that competitive spirt is always there, no matter what, even in things not sport. Dad is like that still. it's a rare thing.

YOu have the natural born talent and you work hard at it. To not want to beat your friends at the end of a race? no biggie...just means you are human. KObe had the killer instinct at age 11. it really interests me this type of stuff and every book I have read on the greats are all the same. They are unique with ice water in their veins. i am in awe reading about their lives and their dedication.

Stuart was in difficult spot, Dad always telling him that "at your age i was doing this and that" too much to live up too and as u sd the expectations so he went with Hockey. It's rare to have a Son be as good as their Dad. The Peyton Manning famly are a rarity....a famous Dad and both boys top notch QB's in the NFL. the pressure tho?

I think Stuart would have been pretty damn good if he had not had the pressure from Dad and others.

Lucas was born with talent....but he is missing what many are....the will to work 24/7 at it. he is not alone. that is what separates the average from the greats. anyhow....the article will give you great insight so let me know if you read it.

not much happening here...Lucas recovering from the surgery and had a check up today. he is keeping it all clean with salt water washes and has a syringe to get up in the sockets. he is using heat/ice and taking his meds. i feel bad it is spring break and he has been home. but it is all over with and for that i am glad. i feel a bit sorry for him but one thing he is not...a whiner...he is not a whiner at all. over weekend will put up my pics from the trip to LA.

let me know if u read the article and if it helped. not letting someone play for missing practice even tho they were the best player....that was the RIGHT thing to do. that person lacked killer instinct or they woulda been at practice!!

Lexy said...

Sorry the link is not live...you will have to copy and paste it to your browser.....well worth it tho. tell me what u think after u read it

jenez_world said...

excellent article. my dilemma is to decide if i am in the sport to compete and win or make friends and have fun. because as i have learnt you cannot always have both.