Wednesday, March 2, 2011

mother nature has (another) hissy fit

it has been hot all month. we have had 26 consecutive days above 30 degrees with the average for february at 34 degrees. we have had 16 nights in a row above 20 degrees with an average of 22.7. running has been the hardest – whether it is 6am or 8pm. on monday i decided the girls could stay inside as it was going to get to 38 and the house would be at least 10 degrees cooler inside. i set the air conditioner to come on around 3 as well. about that time a massive storm hit my suburb. i was tracking it on the radar but it wasn’t until news reports starting coming through that i realised just how serious it was. i left work early but it took me 90 minutes to get home – normally a 45 minute drive. there were trees down everywhere. and not small trees. i am talking 30 metre trees that were either snapped in half or were completely uprooted. one of my favourite roads to ride is adjacent to the gnangara pine plantation and 30 metre trees lay like dominoes. one after another. it was amazing. my girls were safe inside and while some water had got in both back doors and i lost my oldest bougainvillea off the side fence there was no other damage. i was lucky.

just around the corner from home and part of my normal run

the start of the domino effect

awhile back i mentioned that i had changed mr garmin over to the quick release version 2 set-up. i love having mr garmin front and centre on the bike. command central. the improved band attachment is more secure but the unit now sits up really high. it is much wider on the wrist and moves around more and i don’t like it. it would be okay if you had bigger wrists rather than my chicken wings but it would not make any difference to the increased height. while the risk of the strap breaking is reduced the more exposed position brings other concerns – like scratching and knocking it and i scratched mr garmin.

i kept to my plan and signed up for the HBF Run For A Reason 14k and the City to Surf Half Marathon. Check out the event page and

with nothing much to do at work i spend quite a bit of time on the net and came across this website - they sell new and used books and have FREE international shipping. the best part is they help fund literacy and library projects around the world. i ordered five running books (new and used) and will give a report on them in the future. i can hardly wait for them to arrive.

this week has been a recovery week in my training program and i was pretty happy to get here. going forward i am going to make some changes to my training in as much as i am going to use different locations and shake things up a bit. it has been a long hot summer and i want to keep things fresh. only 10 weeks to go. i have to admit that i am over racing. this weekend is the all womens sprint triathlon which was my first ever race two years ago. so it has some sentimental value but i just cannot get excited about it. what i really want to do is go for my long ride and then chill out at home. then i think maybe i will ride to the event, just do the swim, hang out and then ride home. what really turns me off is the thought of being out on the bike course and having to deal with girls on mountain bikes wearing pink tutu’s. so it is pretty much a given that i will not be at coogee for the long course event either. 8 laps of that bike course (with all the newbies) would just do my head in. so my last event before busselton will be the last race of the triseries at hillarys. i do plan to take the dogs to the beach saturday and pick up my race pack anyway – just in case. it will be interesting to see if i can make the right decision and live with a DNS.

the last few weeks i have been using facebook and i have confirmed that i am still of the same opinion. it is lame and i just don’t get it.

sunday i was heading home on the bike having ridden 90k of a 95k ride. it was around 9.45 am and really warming up. i was down to my last few mouthfuls of my secret energy drink. i came out of a roundabout and thought my bike felt weird and i wondered if I was getting a bit faint. it really wobbled. i look down and realized that i had my first ever puncture. 18 months of riding (and now with new tyres) i get a flat. i was next to a park so i pulled up under a tree and set about changing the tube. i don’t have a problem with this and thought it a good opportunity to practice things but i only had one tube and one cO2 canister (which i have never used). i figured if i screwed up it was only a hot 5k walk. i made a few basic mistakes. i didn’t put the bike in the right gear to get the chain off easily. then i got dirt in the back wheel where the chain goes – i really need to do a maintenance course or at least learn the names of the parts on my bike. so i get the new tube in, check things are good to go. i have the instructions for the cO2 canister and follow them. it scared the crap out of me and it was so fast i thought the tyre was going to blow up. it was rock hard so i let some air out but at least it was done. i get the wheel back on but have some trouble with the back brakes rubbing so i figure who needs them and i can fix that later. whilst doing all this i did manage to get as much grease on me and my clothes as possible. mr garmin tells me it took me a leisurely 30 minutes to complete the task so obviously in a race i would have to get my crap together. but i was so happy to make it home and pretty much did SFA for the rest of the day.

have i mentioned that it is a long weekend this weekend ? hallejuah everyone.

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