Thursday, March 17, 2011

i am not willing to ....

this is my new way of motivating myself.  instead of thinking 'i dont want to' i have changed it to 'i am not willing to'.  it is much harder to stay in bed when you say i am not willing to ride my bike rather than i dont want to ride my bike.  when it comes down to it you do want to ride your bike - just not right then.  

i am currently feeling less stress as far as the evil job goes and i think i have just about broken the camels back with training.  one more week of build, one of recovery, two major build weeks  and then taper time !  whoot hoot !  not to mention the five day break over easter.  i am/was starting to think and feel that my life had become one dimensional.  i am looking forward to getting some balance back and having the time and focus to really resolve the work problem and do something other than swim/bike/run.

silke (arch nemesis) is coming out to ride with me on sunday and i am really looking forward to having a training buddy.  in the meantime if you are really wondering just  how i have been going then the pic below sums it up.     

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