Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hillarys #1 TriSeries Sprint Triathlon Race Report and Other Stuff

hillarys, hillarys and hillarys.  that is how many times i will complete this course this year and they will all be one after another.  hillarys was the first triathlon i ever did.  i have now completed the same distance four times at this course.  i also did an enticer distance that first year.  it is the only course that has not changed so aside from wind conditions i can compare results. 

so another big week of training going into this event had left me with tired legs.  by sunday i had ran 22k, cycled 100k and swam 6k.  my arch nemesis silke wasnt racing as she was on cricket duty but pip (who will now be known as speedy girl) was there.  i noticed being on my own at the cottesloe race was nowhere near as much fun and sometimes it is just nice knowing someone else is out there.  

the bike course is relatively flat with only two turnarounds requiring 3 laps for just over 20k.  the run is 2.5 out and back.  the swim is an ocean swim and can be extremely deceptive.  the wind plays a massive factor here and will be ranked as either calm, windy, fucking windy or cyclonic. 

the water was 25 degrees and looked very calm.  i have become a bit of a princess about the swim.  i am spending more time avoiding people, losing my concentration and expending unnecessary energy rather than just getting on with it.  and now i have developed a bit of a phobia about stingers.  you could see them again and one arm got attacked.  out to the first buoy was okay and then a bit of a chop hit which then became much worse on the final turn to shore.  this swim was just lazy and pathetic.  S 17.33.

T1 was ridiculous and i dont know what i was thinking.  first up the grass has not been looked after and coming back to the bike my feet were covered in beach sand and black dirt.  i dont care that much about my shoes but i didnt want to ride with sand rubbing everywhere either.  i think because i was being a pussy about that i got my routine out of sync.  i tried wiping my feet on my towel then stepped on my goggles with one shoe and heard a crack.  you know i love my goggles so i had to check that they were okay and rub the dirt off them.  then i took my bike off the rack and realised i didnt have my fucking helmet on.  so i put my sunnies on then my helmet and then realised that my hair was poking out too much so re-adjusted my helmet again and finally made my way out.  T1 2.55. 

so the rating for this event on a wind factor was windy.  the first lap was great as the guys were still getting in from the swim but after that it got a bit crowded and a few accidents happened.  i dont understand how as the course is not technical.  i always seem to be riding at my own special speed as i never seem to be around people.  one girl stopped by for a chat as she could not remember how many laps she had completed.  the bike is when i feel my dead legs the most and it is just hard work. B 41.22.   the official timing has both T1 and T2 included in the bike split.  however thanks to mr garmin i can now split them out.

during the swim i just wanted to be on the bike and when i was on the bike i just wanted to be running. T2 was uneventful and an improved 1.42.

my legs are getting used to running off the bike.  this felt hard the whole way but i am amazed that my last two runs have held up.  speedy girl passed me on her way back in and she was way ahead.  another girl who i am usually within 30 seconds was ahead of me by a few minutes.  the last kilometre i felt like i had a rythmn and i knew it would come close to being one of the quicker km splits.  i managed to pass someone in my age group and then hold off another by under 30 seconds.  my splits were 5.36, 5.34, 5.39, 5.37 and 5.30.  average pace of 5.34.  R 28.14

total time was 1.31.46.  i have never finished this course under 1.30.  AG 7/14, Gender 120/174 and Overall 427/512.

a comparison of my past results are below -

Virgin Race Womens 2009 - wind factor calm          S 17.10  B  54.46  R  35.18  T  1.47.14

2XU Womens 2010 - wind factor fucking windy      S 17.36  B  49.04  R  29.04  T  1.35.46

Race 2# 2010 - wind factor windy                           S  14.46  B  47.35  R 27.46  T 1.30.08 (so close)

Race 1# 2011 - wind factor windy                           S  17.33  B  45.59  R  28.14  T 1.31.46

there are a few variables with each race but i think i can take sundays result as a positive.   the week leading into the next race is a recovery week and i will be setting  myself a target. 

stayed around with speedy girl who had a podium finish for second in her age group.  yah pip !!  we didnt pick up any free swag in the spot prizes.   

since sunday is the day of long rides and the race was only 20k i was short about 60k in my training plan.  i was thinking of riding later in the afternoon but when i got home the wind seemed to have backed off and it was a nice cool 26 degrees.  so before i got settled i washed the salt water off, put on a change of lycra, filled up the water bottles and headed out.  had some good tunes on my ipod and in one of the bottles i had placed my secret energy drink.  i had two laps of 30k to do and it was hell wind for 15k on the way out and flying all the way back.  i surprised myself when i managed to turn around and do it all again for the last lap.  this decision turned out to be a wise move because by 3 pm it was nasty wind. 

later on i settled back with a glass of wine to watch the biggest loser.  i love this show.  i want  to get myself a commando.  it is not fair that the fat people get to have all the fun.  it was the right decision to vote damien off.  it was bad thing the red team did and a shame because damien needs all the help he can get. 

i slept well :).

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