Sunday, February 13, 2011

eat, sleep, train

this is my life.  everyday sleep, eat, train, work, train, eat, sleep.  repeat.  i feel like i never stop. i am constantly washing lycra.  the week is okay as long as i dont plan to do anything else.  i want to be in bed by 9 but 9.30 is a struggle.  organising meals is a challenge.  i am so sick of eating the same things.  i have stopped drinking wine. 

i met with a guy who looked at my bike set-up.  he lowered the seat a bit and moved it as it was not level and crooked as well.  explains why i got lower back niggles on just one side.  he re-set my cleats and i need to buy (yet) another stem.  went for a ride this morning and it felt better.  not perfect - just better.   last week i put new boots on it, upgraded the lights and had it serviced.  for the same price i could have bought a pair of manolo blahniks.

i changed my garmin band over to the new quick release version 2.  it is a great deal more secure and it uses the original band.  i love how i can see it easily on the bike.  it does sit up a bit higher on my wrist and i will probably still tape it when i swim with it.  it is easy to get off the bike and click it onto the band for the run but i dont think it will be easy to do it the other way around coming off the swim. 

work still sucks but i am going to persevere until after busselton.  they do let me come in an hour late one day  a week so i can get my second ride in.  in the meantime i hope i dont get fired for falling asleep at my desk.  this is the second time i have worked  where there is someone in the office who is a very, very large person.  a contender for biggest loser.  what i would like to know is why you never see them eat anything more than a sandwich.   

i read this excerpt from a triathlon race report and for some reason found it to be hilarious.  i literally had tears rolling down my face and was making choking noises trying to contain myself whilst i was meant to be analysing some boring crap (yawn).  i love my goggles too.
Bike - Thought my goggles needed to be aired out, so took them on the bike with me. Saw some others out there that found leaving their goggles behind was just too heartbreaking as well, so felt ok about that. I loooove my bike and my HED's, especially the first bit on the good hotmix and the 800km wind behind me - wheels were singing and I felt like I was averaging about 925km/h. Went from being 191 overall to 86th - oh yeah!! Even with 2 pee stops. This is where my gains end.

Run - Passed by 102 people on the first lap - how embarrassing.. Only another 12 on the second lap, then I must have had a quick snooze, cause ended up back at 262 overall in the end.

then i saw this picture and lost all control.  it probably is not that funny.   and  maybe i just needed a good laugh.


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