Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cottesloe Ocean Triathlon Race Report 2011

this was one of my favourite events last year but this year i did not have fun.  the only positive i got out of it was a pretty good 6k run on tired legs and we were all done by 8.30am.  there were alot more people and the organised chaos was annoying.  no security which surprised me after the bike theft at the power station.  the volunteers are always great but just not enough of them and i am sure that after the swim they moved the timing mat so it could become the finish timing mat.  i didnt mind the casual nature of these events before so i dont know what has changed.  tired maybe.           

the swim annoyed me because we went before the guys in one wave and then the guys came a few minutes later - also in one wave and completely swam over the top of everyone.  two guys swam over me and seemed to be in their own race.  a guy next to me decided to take a break and do some back stroke and cut me off at the same time.  once out of the water it was a 100m run on bitumen to the bike - gravel, rocks and all.  ouch, ouch and ouch.

out on the bike course we then had to contend with the massive pack of novice riders.  i like to see people having a go and we all had to learn but the timing should be better.  people were drafting or would speed up when you were passing or a big no-no would try to overtake on the left.  i was not having fun.  except for the little hill.  that was fun.

by the time i got to the run i wanted to go home.  but i figured i was almost there i may as well finish and as it turns out i had a good run and was the only part i really enjoyed.  i am going to request for all my final races that i have an * next to my name with the words 'in training for busselton 70.3'.  the run was 6k this year instead of the usual 5k.  i dont know why it wasnt standard.  maybe because at 6k there was a shelter for the volunteers.  i was quicker in every leg than i was last year so at least i can take that away.  this is a pretty dull race report but that was the kinda day it was.  i still remember how much i enjoyed it last year so perhaps my expectations were too high.  home by 9.30 am and my training done for the day.  i cannot complain about that.

Results - Time 1.33.11 Swim 16.30 Bike 44.03 (Includes T1 and T2) Run 32.38 AG 6/10

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