Monday, January 24, 2011

something other than a race report

i have changed pools again.  i am such a creature of habit.  you would think that keeping your training locations fresh would help with the motivation but not me.  i want my pool back.  i swam at my old pool saturday and it was the best swim i have had in a month.

my new job sucks.  i dont even want to talk about it.

i installed an inverter/split airconditioner at home.  i could have bought a new mountain bike.

molly the dog had a haircut and it now looks like her head does not belong on her body.

i slept more than i was awake this weekend.

i booked my accommodation in busselton for the 70.3 and i was bad.  when i could not find a reasonably priced place i booked a very expensive place.  people will envy me when i am soaking in my own spa after the race. 

changing my bike set-up was a mistake. let me correct that.  my new bike set-up was a mistake.  changing it is not the issue. 

the longest conversation i had last week was with the dude at my local bike shop.  he just received his custom built trek.  sexy.  the bike, not the dude.

i am excited as i have a new pair of gel nimbus runners on their way from wiggle. 

did i mention my new job sucks.  really sucks.

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