Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Open Water Swim Series Leightons 2.5k Race Report

i have my swimming mojo back.  it is not a fast mojo but it is a mojo.  i woke sunday morning with a terrible ear ache.  i had felt it saturday making it difficult to chew on the left side.  straight away i thought bummer i cant swim.  but was it really that bad or just a cop out ?  i also really hated the thought of paying $35 and not starting.  weird intense fear of open water versus the loss of $35.  this should probably be further analysed.  i also thought that no one would believe the ear ache excuse.  so i came up with a plan.  i would go to a chemist and get some drugs.  the only chemists i knew that would be open were on the way to leightons.  i figured get the drugs, see how it feels and worse case scenario at least watch the event and get a free swim cap. 

turns out the chemists do not open until 7am and before i knew it i was in the water waiting for the starting horn.  at this moment i had a real sense of fear.  i dont know exactly what the fear relates to.  it is not sharks because this has happened in fresh water.  the last thing i remember before starting to swim was that i couldnt quit because then i would have to blog about it and that really would be embarrassing. 

this course is fantastic.  while it looks super flat it was a bit choppy further out and coming back into shore you had a strong current to swim against.  the course had six buoys - two in the middle and four turn arounds.  it was a 1.25k course so i had two laps.  the picture above shows swimmers heading for home and also out on the course.

if you want to know just how far 1.25k is you can only just see the last buoy that you turn left at before heading out about 50 metres and turning left again to swim back in the picture below.  it is not the two that are close together either.  look to the right of that.  the first two biggest ones are the middle buoys.  the start buoys are not in the picture.


i swam it in 55.59.  this is slow but i dont fucking care.  i swam 2.5k.  that is twice as far as i ever swam in open water before.  it actually felt pretty good.  i stuck to a plan of just swimming the sides.  i do laps of everything.  i do bike laps, run laps and swim laps.  so i stuck to what knew and broke it up into four sections.  swim down one side then the other and do it again.  i decided not to think any further than the 600m i was swimming.  i also stuck to a 10 strokes then sight policy.  if i felt reckless i went for twenty strokes.  i swam over a school of little fish and i quickly moved away from them.  the outside lap was a bit choppy and i choked on a bit of water but it was my own fault.  the stingers were out and i got stung quite a bit but it made it interesting.  it was less annoying than the 5k swimmers who literally just swam over the top of you.  they did not care.  the winner swam the 5k in just over an hour.  they were moving twice as fast as me but then again i stopped to watch.  it is quite amazing to see.  the winners of the 2.5k were under 18 years of age and did it in 36 minutes. 

i would have swam the second lap much faster than the first and i still had energy at the end.  being a swimming event you are not allowed to wear any watches or jewellery so i do not know for sure.  i really enjoyed swimming in just the speedos.  one good swim and i have my mojo back.   i was pretty pleased with myself for doing it and  it sure feels good.  now for the cottesloe classic mile.  this time i am going for speed.

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Way to go!! Is your ear better? I owe u mail. Hopefully tomorrow. NFL play offs started today and Peyton Manning and the Colts are in moth ball. The Seattle Seahawks who beat Tom and Luca's team last week and have the worst play off record EVER....i should have looked it up before coming here....anyhow they won less than 50% of their games...well today they knocked off the defending Champs!! yes the New Orleans Saints are in moth balls!!

Brady plays next week V the Jets that beat the Colts today. I am cheering the Packers since my Chargers choked before play offs. Packers play tomorrow.