Monday, January 10, 2011

half iron training progress

i started 'my' half iron program three weeks ago.  it is tough to start the week of christmas and i missed one session of each discipline.  the next week i was spreading all that mulch and in hot weather and missed one bike and a run.  then last week i started a new job and my ear was still playing up so i missed two swims.  it feels like forever since i swam in a pool but it has only been 13 days.  i think that is the longest break from the pool in three years.  one problem i have solved is being bitten by the cramp shark.  i was at a point where it was cutting my swims short and leaving a dull ache in whatever muscle it bit.  then i took magnesium and not one attack since.  magnesium works in conjunction with calcium so i have started taking that as well.  i thought i had a pretty good diet.  and this was almost instantaneous.  i changed nothing else and the cramp shark is gone.  i am still having trouble with my bike fit and i am starting to regret changing anything.  i can put up with quite a bit and i am willing to persevere but at times i just want to either throw my bike in the bushes or sit and cry.  my shoulders kill me and now the sides of both knees are just painful.  i am going to the physio to get it checked out and get a second opinion.  i was riding 90k okay and now struggle to get to 75k.  boo hoo. 

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