Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cottelsoe Classic Mile OWS Race Report

now this is what i am talking about.  i swam this event in 31.17 which is a 100m pace of 1.56.  last sunday i swam the leighton swim at 2.14 pace.  i dont think i even swim a cool down that slow.  so i am feeling pretty good about things.  not only was it a good swim but i now understand more about what i am doing wrong.  

i didnt want to get out of bed and my ear is still playing up.  but i like swimming at cottesloe and i knew the conditions were going to perfect - and they were.  because i was one of the first 50 to sign up i also scored a t-shirt.  i will do anything for a free shirt.  and these are pretty cool as you could not buy them. 

the water was wonderful if a little murky.  it was great swimming over the reef -something fun to look at.  i really under estimate my ability.  and i now realise my biggest issue is finding my rhythm.  i mistake my struggles at the start for panic and fear of who knows what when in actual fact it is just me trying to get settled.  so my goal is to find that rhythm as quickly as possible.  and when i do then i really can swim.  i have a drill that i can work on that can help improve this.  the other issue i have is improving my open water skills.  i dont sight as smoothly as i should and this not only slows me down but takes up more energy than it should.  i also need to believe in myself.  at the start i let people get in front of me who are slower and then i have to work past them and that takes up time and energy.  i am too polite.  rather than fight for my space i let people have it or i will swim around them.  i had one guy next to me that was just  all over the place.  for awhile i let him dictate the terms.  then i just got annoyed and i swam through him and others rather than go around.  i passed alot of  people.  i finish fast.  now i just have to start fast. 

for me this was a great event.  not just because of the result.  but because i learnt alot about myself and my swimming.  i think i realised some of this at the end of last season and with no training in open water for six months i just forgot about it.  i really have had a bit of a moment.  an epiphany.  final result 31.17 overall 350/523 gender 129/209 category 13/23.

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