Sunday, January 16, 2011

Champion Lakes Triseries Sprint Triathlon Race Report

i wasnt going to do this event as we all know how much i dislike swimming in the brown murky waters but i thought it would be a good brick session and maybe i would have some fun.  i also think i need to get over my little phobia.  i stuck with my normal training and expected to be a little tired. 

the swim was okay and better than i expected.  i do think i used my dislike of the water  as an excuse to take it easy.  i was wearing my garmin for the whole race for the first time and managed to fuck it up.  i then wasted the first few minutes on the bike re-setting it back so i could at least track my run.  live and learn.  the bike went really well and i felt great.  the bike time includes both T1 and T2 and my bike tells me i averaged 31k p/h so i am happy with that.  interesting to note that if i had not screwed around with my garmin i would have finished one place higher as it was only a 10 second gap.  i should have consumed my gel much earlier on the run and while 5.30 pace is okay i should be running 5.15 by now.  last year i was slow at 30.18 so i guess a 27.28 is not too bad. 

i have to say that trievents are just getting better and better at putting these races together.  they changed the set-up of transition and changed the bike course so it is now only 21k and not 26 like last year.  the whole thing just came together and i was impressed.  all areas were clearly identified and security was excellent.  even the expo/supplier tents are increasing and are slightly interesting.  the crowds are building as well.  i had to leave early so no freebies for me this time.  i did wear my newly won trisuit and i am a convert.

bit of rant coming up.  what the fuck is wrong with guys who seem to think they are racing for sheep stations and everyone must get out of their way.  the bike course has parts that are only maybe two metres wide.  one corner in particular sneaks up on you and i saw at least one guy lose it and some skin there.  so i am coming up on it and i am as left as you can get.  a guy is passing me - not a great time to do it but it was okay.  then three to four guys come screaming through yelling left left left.  are they fucking blind ?  we are going around a sharp bend two metres wide with two people next to each other.  there is no further left we can go.  they are fucking stupid.  if you think about the course you know this corner.  then you plan for it.  if you see people ahead you need to decide to hit the pedals prior to the corner or you wait.  i just dont get this yelling left left left when a tadpole can see there is no room to move left.  i happened to mention this to them as they passed by.  strangely enough i did not get a mouth full back.

something else that i wasnt too happy about was when i came back into transition to check my gear and drop of my sunnies before the start.  my gear had been moved.  i knew anna to the right of me and she told me the girls next to me had moved it because they believed it should go under your back wheel.  i rack my bike by the seat.  this would have really pissed me off because my helmet, sunnies and race belt go on my aerobars and i always run to the front of my bike.  which i would have done to then find my bike shoes and runners at the back of my bike.  it is so wrong to touch another persons stuff.  especially without asking.  at first i thought it was the FOP girls but after looking at the finishers list i know who you are.  and they were behind me the whole race.  the thing that is really annoying is the girl to the left of me had the biggest fucking beach towel with god knows what and anna on the right had a bucket of water to rinse her feet.  i have no problem with their choices.  and yet they move my little strip that was as wide as my bike shoes sitting side by side. 

result total time 1.28.57.  swim 17.32, bike 43.56, run 27.28.  age group 8/14 gender 51/96.  of the top five overall female finishers second was in 40-44 age group and third, fourth and fifth were in mine 45-49.  tough group.

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