Sunday, December 12, 2010

third time lucky

i got the new job.  how lucky have i been.  some people cannot get one job and this is my third job change in one year.  in some ways i have not been lucky and  this is my last shot.  i cannot afford to change jobs again as it will truly fuck up my resume.   one job i do not even mention as it was such a short stay.  i dont feel excited - just relieved.  i am here until christmas eve.  i was hoping that they would pay me out claiming a conflict with my new employers but no such luck.  they were all nice about it and said i could still take the three days between christmas and new year as leave.  it will be wonderful to have a ten day break before starting the new job. 

as discussed in a previous post i had a tough week after the great bike ride so the following week i took it a day at a time and just relaxed about the whole thing.  so from an easy week to a blinder last week.  this is probably one of the biggest weeks i have ever had and the good news is that i feel good and more importantly my legs feel good.  i will admit to having a nap saturday afternoon and then again sunday.  maybe naps is what i am missing in my recovery.  i enjoyed the week and it is doable if you are organised.  

on all my runs i decided to use the virtual partner on my garmin.  this is perfect for me.  i am one of those people who if you give them a target or challenge then i will bust my butt to achieve it.  i also have trouble slowing down for the longer runs so this will enforce the right pace.  i love my garmin. 

i met up with the guy from my tri club that is going to be guiding the novice 70.3 people through their preparation and training.  i have a plan and his plan is quite different.  mine is longer and based around build and recovery every four weeks and three sessions per week for swim, bike and run.  the sessions are also time based.   his is all about volume and distance.  only two sessions per week for swim, bike and run but no build recovery - only a gradual  taper at the end.  i go from 2 x 10k runs per week to 2 x 15k runs and then 2 x 20k runs over twelve weeks.  this worries me.  the running always worries me.  my other concern is how to fit the second 90k bike ride in during the week ?  my dilemma is not helped by the fact that this guy has been competing for 20 years.  he must know right ?  i dont start the program until 24 january as my base is already pretty good so time to think.  my first step is going to be to check out my bike fit and i am doing this on wednesday. 

this week i am back to basic training in preparation for the first sprint triseries race at rockingham on sunday.  i really want to see how hard i can push it.  i know my arch nemesis will be racing.  i am thinking i need to run to the puke zone.  hopefully not right on the finish line.


TRI714 said...

Congrats on the new job. Pain cave time.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on new job!! Kym

jenez_world said...

thanks guys ! fingers crossed this is it.