Monday, December 27, 2010

a sizzling hot christmas

merry christmas to all !  it has been a christmas of extremes.  snowed in airports, flooded towns and just plain hot.  i cannot complain because we got the best of the bunch - just hot.  today it is 40.  i am now truly living in my speedos.  so christmas day went like this.  got up super early and went for a 75k bike ride.  it was beautiful and quiet.  took the girls to the beach.  this was around the time that most people were heading home for their big christmas lunch.  after the beach it was home for a pasta lunch, a movie and a nap.  now you may be thinking that something is missing - namely a family.  while i would love to spend the day with family having a relative free christmas is not that bad.  i rang my sister who lives in portland oregon.  kym, thom and lucas - thanks immensely for bunnings g.c. and awesome hobo bag.  still trying to guess the secret surprise.  and the pig is now known as pete.  mum and dad are two hours south of here and were going to my cousins.  i would rather have all my teeth pulled.  besides dad worked early for my brother and after lunch they would have been home and in bed by 5.30 pm.     my brother had gone to melbourne with my nephew for the boxing day test match which  i bet they are really glad about.  my sister-in-law and niece went to her family which they do every year (this i have always found to be very sad).  so it was just me and the girls and a beautiful day at the beach.  and when you think about how bad it really could be then my christmas was sizzling hot.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!! Dogs look great. Blue sky....I have not seen that in a while. Your Christmas sounded great. I'd rather have teeth pulled than go to the cousins and yes it has always struck me odd about Sue. Something about a quiet Christmas doing what you want sounds good to me and relaxing. Hobe bag and contents in the mail!

I hope Day 1 on the new job goes well....will be thinking about you and it's normal to stress. I am glad you took some time on your days off to relax, nothing....we all need that so dont feel guilty!!

jenez_world said...

thanks dude.