Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rockingham Triseries Sprint Triathlon Race Report

part of what i love about triathlon is that you learn something new everytime you pull on the lycra and no two races are ever the same - even if it is the same course.  in a nutshell i had a shocking swim, a decent bike in windy conditions and i think i ran as hard as i could.  compared to last year i set a new pb by just over 5 minutes.  1.22.26.  i am officially a MOP triathlete. 

i warmed up with a good short swim and it felt great. i dont know why then that once the race started i felt so tired.  it was a struggle and there were a few times that i thought i was never going to make it - again.  i changed my routine around for this event but that will not be repeated.  i will take my preparation a little more seriously.  i swam and had a ride on friday.  normally i rest the second day out.  i have always swam on the saturday if the race is sunday.  i rested saturday with just a quick test ride in the afternoon.  i ate dinner too late on saturday night and found it hard to eat sunday morning.  so i was pretty happy to be out of the water.  it was quite choppy out there so i was surprised to see that my time was slightly quicker than last year. 750m 16.59 (last year 17.21).

transition went well.  love the new numbered flags as it sure makes it easier to find your bike rack.  trievents have made some improvements.  the course is two laps and it was windy on the way out and a bit easier on the way back.  i had a bike fit earlier in the week and was a little concerned because although it felt comfortable while i was on the bike for a short period once i got off my lower back was fucked.  i didnt have time to go and get it sorted and figured over such a short distance it would be okay.  and it was okay until i went to run.  this bike leg is the first time i have really thought about tactics.  my arch nemesis was closer after my bad swim and we swapped positions a few times.  i kept reminding myself that i had to race my own race and i knew the arch nemesis must be pushing herself to keep up and would she have the legs left for the run ?  on the last lap i decided to push it but stay close and i past her a little before transition.  20k 38.20 (last year 41.41).

i flew out of transition.  i had my feet out of my shoes before i hit the dismount line.  helmet off, shoes on, grab the watch, hat and run.  it was hard to straighten up and my back was having little spasms.  legs felt okay though.  i knew arch nemesis was not far away and for the whole 5k i kept waiting for her to pass and then realised she was pacing off me and it would come at the end.  i was hoping for quicker splits but i felt terrible the whole way.  i should never have mentioned the puke at the finish line as that is what nearly happened and i dont know if it had anything to do with pushing myself the way i was feeling or more to do with what i ate and drank.   200 metres from the finish i had to stop running as i thought i was going to spew.  in that time (10 seconds) arch nemesis ran past.  i was sad but busy trying to feel better.  i did manage to finish strong and will just have to put it down to experience.  and being a pussy for not really taking it to the puke zone.  5k 27.07 (last year 29.11). 
total time 1.22.26.  Overall 79/162 Age Group 7/10 (lower numbers from last year).  arch nemesis beat me by 14 seconds -again.  last year total time was 1.28.13 so i was pretty happy with the result.  and at  least we made it onto the run course while the faster girls were still ON it.  but i would like a better swim and a faster run.  next time.  this youtube was just posted so i have edited to include it.

i stayed behind with the arch nemesis for the presentations and spot prizes.  more FREE shit for jeni !!!!  my number was drawn out again and i won a bikesure tri suit that fits perfect.  stayed tuned for the next event where i will model and test drive the suit.  it is part of my overall plan to wear a different outfit at each event so my arch nemesis and other competitors cannot keep track of me.  i have never had a trisuit before and i must admit they appear to be very comfortable.  it was a great day out and worth it for yet one more reason.  jenson button was racing.  i beat his girlfriend.  that counts for something right. 


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