Sunday, November 28, 2010

a week in the life

it is monday and i am back to work polishing a turd.  before strange images flash through your mind i am not talking about an actual turd.  in my loser job where i spend more time trying to look busy than actually being busy (i know some people would like this type of job however i am bored shitless (more excreta references)) the enthusiastic consultants like to tick off boxes however  they are not too concerned about quality.  the data is a turd and i am being forced to polish the turd.   they finish in three weeks and then who knows what will happen.  i have ten days off over christmas to think about it and i can HARDLY wait.  i have a second interview today for my third job this year.  hope it is third time lucky. 

i started making some big changes this weekend.  i cleared out alot of things at home and i was ruthless.  less clutter less work is my theory.  i want to get the house and garden in order so over summer and leading up to Busselton 70.3 i am not sidetracked by domestic crap.  i will cover off the big issues over the christmas break.  ironing is what really shits me.  it fucking multiplies while i am not looking.  maybe one advantage of always wearing lycra.  i noticed i could open a t-shirt store.

i have made a momentous decision.  during the week i am moving to swimming in a big persons pool.  this is hard for me as i am very attached to my pool.  i have watched that black line over 30,000 laps.  i will still swim saturday mornings but the week night swims were just too crowded.  the squads have grown and they were pushing me to the outside lanes and it was like swimming in a washing machine.  but i also think that my swimming is either going nowhere or backwards.  i am not pushing myself and i need to get out of the 25m pool.  i will not have my own lane but at least for the next month i can stop by a great 50m outdoor (but heated) pool on the way home from work and get in a good workout.   i may even think about joining my tri club for a tuesday night session.  i need to take everything outside of my comfort zone and if i plan on swimming 2.5k open water in january then i need to get serious. 

my legs are tired.  really tired.  i tried to include the 106k bike ride as a normal training ride and this did not work.  not with a 12k run a few days before and one day recovery.  i push it too far too quick but worse i never have recovery weeks.  only forced recovery weeks when i realise i am too fucking tired.  after the bike ride i had monday as a rest day.  tuesday turned out to be a rest day as well since i had a job interview.  wednesday i wanted a long run but that turned into a tired 5.30 pace 5k run.  thursday i went to the big pool and swam 2.8k.  really, really  bad leg cramps.  no matter how many shotz i drink or pretzels i eat.  this is a worry. friday i left work early and did a brick workout.  22k bike at 28 avg pace in windy conditions then a 3k run - again at 5.30 pace.  saturday i swam 3k in the morning hoping for interval runs in the afternoon.   it was hot.  the mind was willing the body not so much.  i thought i would switch to an easy 7.5k run but it turned into a walk/run 3.5k suffer fest.  my calf hurt and even my knee played up.  so following my golden rule when something hurts i made it back home and put my feet up.  then managed to give myself ice pack burn to the calf.  solid effort.  so i am comforted by the fact that at least i will still ride my two loops for a 90k ride sunday.  i am on the bike by 6am and into a wind that threatened to blow me off the road.  i made one 45k loop and went home.  my legs were fucked. 

so this week i am taking it one day at time.  i have my first meeting for my 70.3 training plan (maybe this will sort out my highs and lows).   i need to be down in bunbury saturday for an early start as a volunteer at Ironman Western Australia on the sunday.  so it is probably a good week to take it easy and then amp it back up in time for rockingham. 


Anonymous said...

You cannot polish a turd, but you CAN roll it in glitter...

jenez_world said...

i love it. let me put that in a memo.

Bandersnatchi said...

Hey J,
first time I have looked in on you in a while.
This report reads in big letters: OVERTRAINED.

You're not getting enough recovery time between efforts. Re-think the schedule.

love ya,

jenez_world said...

thanks PoC. you have confirmed what i suspected. this week started the half program from trifuel and it includes recovery weeks. just have to be a good girl and follow it.