Saturday, November 13, 2010

Power Station Super Sprint Race Report

Abandoned Power Station

my first triathlon for the year and fourth time i have completed this course.  the super sprint is a 1000m swim, 30k bike and 6k run (however my good friend garmin clearly shows the run as 6.42k).  my last run was intervals on monday, swims on tuesday and thursday  and no bike.  so a much lighter five days training, no alcohol and a couple of good nights rest.  i am not a fan of events on saturday as you are usually pretty busy on friday and dont get to rest up.  however i managed to leave work early to pick up my car - it had been at the smash repairers for two weeks and so nice to have her back.  anyway i was getting seriously nervous.  this happens most events.  not knowing how things will pan out and if things will go well or not.  the drive is when i am at my worst.  as soon as i arrive i am fine.  as soon as i get in the water to warm up i am even better.  it makes it hard for me to eat breakfast.

i arrived early and got the prime spot at the end of the racks.  at these events they are never numbered so first in best spot.  it was cool and would be a wetsuit swim.  the wind was okay.  caught up with a few girls that i raced with last year and had not seen since april.  they were all doing the basic sprint (400, 20, 4).  one girl i knew, elizabeth, was with me.  there were a 104 in the super sprint of which only 16 were female.

the swim.  the water was cool but after awhile you adjusted - especially if you had a wetsuit.  i had tried it on the night before and had broken into a sweat.  i dont know why people worrying about getting it off - that is the easy part.   the water was nice and clear.  it was a straight swim north, turn around a buoy, swim back and around another buoy to shore.  it seemed to take for fucking ever.  i have a problem with accepting the fact that i have to keep swimming.  no walls, no turn arounds.   i had a few people get in my way and that slowed me down but then again broke up the constant swimming thing.  i did manage to swallow water and that gave me a thirst.  i got out of the water with a few pretty fit looking guys so i guess i didnt suck that bad.  i was dissappointed but this is what happens when you do not train in the same environment that you compete in.  Time (includes T1) 20.53.  8/16

Transition is further south. This shows the excellent ocean swim conditions and part of the bike and run course.  Ignore the red circle.  I forgot my camera.

the bike went well.  way too many people on a small course.  five things i remember.  i had a strange ache in my right leg just above and to the side of the knee.  i drank all my water that had a gel mixed in.  i felt hunger pangs.  for the whole 30k i exchanged spots with a guy from the mandurah tri club (and it turned out we were parked next to each other).  i finished in front.  when i get back to transition some little novice numb-nut had put their nasty $50 mountain bike in between  my spot and elizabeths.  not actually on the rack as it was too small but on its stand.  i wanted to pick it up and throw it.  so this took time away from me, caused my bike to fall off the rack as i decided to move the nasty mtb completely out of both our spots.  i would not be happy if my bike was scratched (seems to be okay).  but i should not complain.  at least my bike wasnt stolen but more on that later.  Time (includes T2) 1.03.24.  8/16

i didnt wear my garmin for the swim or the bike but as mentioned i had it for the run (i started it from where my bike was in transition - not the timing mat).  so the official course is 6k which, according to the results,  i did in 34.32 or 5.45 pace.  based on the distance being 6.42k then my pace was actually 5.22.  garmin says it was 5.29.  i felt good on the run.  the guy having a spew at the beginning was a little distracting.  i managed to eat a gel and i did lose some moving time (as per garmin) when i walked through  the aid stations - i was thirsty.  this and the drama in T2 made a difference at the end.  11/16.  still losing spots so more work to be done but this was a good run and an improvement on last year.  the pain in my leg on the bike didnt impact my run.

my total time was 1.58.49.  woot !  under two hours.  9/16 females.  and my plan to outlast my age group is coming together.  i came second - out of four.  i was beaten for first by 1.20.  so i have another medal.  again it has to kept in perspective.  the real competitors were on the original start list but didnt show.  training for ironman i guess.

i went home happy but the guy who had his cervelo and bag stolen did not. when we were in the water trying to figure out the course i remember talking to a guy about how these events have relaxed guidelines.  it is nice but it can also be frustrating - who knows if we really swam 1000m and other runs have been short but i like being able to choose my spot and i can keep all my gear in transition.   the triseries events are different and are strict on closing and opening transition and no bags or outsiders allowed.  when i came back in from the run i went over to check my bike and two guys were dashing around saying one of their bikes was gone.  at first they thought someone had taken it by mistake.  i know my bike well and unless it was the exact same bike i would know if i took another bike in error.   the email that went out states that someone dressed as a competitor went into transition and calmly walked out with the bike and bag.  a planned attack.  the organiser seems to think that if we are marked it will not happen.  my number always comes off under a wetsuit and it is easy enough to complete your disguise by adding a number.    i think the rules will be different at the next event.

then there is elizabeth.  i first met her at my second triathlon.  we have competed at quite a few events together and she was fast.  then she got slower and now she is terribly slow.  i had not seen her since may and she has put on more weight.  and still wearing the same tri suit which was scary.  she came in last - overall, for the whole event.  we were waiting for her so the presentations could commence.  i would not be competing if i was her and if i was i would have quit.  she stuck with it and i have to give her kudos for that.  i didnt see her on the bike and thought she had quit after the swim.  then i saw her on the bike but it was ages before i saw her on the run.  i hope she finds her way back to the person i first met.

this was fun and i think a pretty good start to the season. 


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