Tuesday, November 2, 2010

grab the budgie smugglers - summer is here !

i friggin love summer.  the cold is so de-motivating.  i think i have mentioned my dislike for winter before and it will probably not be the last time.  today it is going to be a glorious 36 !!  i wanted to find a hot pic of some dude who should be wearing budgie smugglers but i am at work and cannot be seen to be searching for speedo porn. 

my training has been going okay. i am tired and i have been experiencing soreness with my calves running past 7k.  otherwise i did have a positive on sunday.  last week and up until today it went something like this -

monday - rest
tuesday - 2.4k swim
wednesday - rest (this was bad)
thursday - 7k run
friday - 30k bike
saturday - 3.4k endurance swim, 30k bike
sunday - 60k hilly bike ride, 4.6k brick run
monday - 5k tempo run
tuesday - 2.2k recovery/drill swim
wednesday - MASSAGE

the positive was the run after the hilly bike.  i went back to one of my favourite rides around point walter.  there are three average hills and it is a 20k loop.  it can be windy and it was.  my shoulders have been great on the bike because i have been concentrating on relaxing them.  i had noticed that i tense them up and this is bad.  because of the wind i spent most of the time aero or hunched over the bars and after 60k things started to hurt.  i changed into the running gear and headed off.  the first part is downhill which is great at the start but tough at the end.  it was also straight into the wind.  my legs were tired but felt okay.  i ran the 4.6k at 5.20 pace.  this just made me feel warm and fuzzy all over.  with less run training i was getting concerned.  it appears my speed is okay but what about my legs over longer distances ?  i have ordered some compressport calf socks and will see how they go.  i am going to look like a real knob.  i did order the sexy black tattoo ones.

i signed up again to be a volunteer at ironman western australia.  it is the same course as my busso 70.3 event (of which the registration date is out and i am very excited but also EXTREMELY fucking nervous that i get signed up).  last year i was in swim transition as a volunteer and swore that next time i would do the male body marking :).  but i have decided instead that an aid station will be fun and it is in the main area and not out on the course so i will still feel part of the action. 

that's all folks !


Kovas Palubinskas said...

So jealous you're just heading into summer!

TRI714 said...

Your heading in, I'm heading out. Good for you. Awesome that you volunteer !!
Also good on you in your training.