Monday, November 8, 2010

chunky monkey

you may have noticed that i have changed the template for my little blog.  i also uploaded pics from past races and included them in the race results page.  this was a brave move for me.  if you have a look you will notice that at the start i am very chunky.  i am currently almost 8kg lighter than when i started this journey.

weight has only been an issue for me twice in my life.  when i first left home and went travelling my life style changed.  i wasnt playing sport. instead i was having a good party time.  my weight got up to 63.5k or 10 stone.  i know that this is not the end of the world but for someone who had been skinny all their life this was bad.  i had fat arms, a gut and my face was chunky too.  i hated it.  people said they didnt notice so it was strange to be in your own private hell and it not be obvious.  i am 175cm tall or 5'11.  people were not going to feel for me when i was actually in the correct weight range for my height.  i dont have a big frame and i will always be more comfortable being thin.  my normal weight was around 55 kilos. 

so what did i do.  well i moved towns and changed what i was doing.  i rode a bike everywhere, i didnt have a desk job and i turned vegetarian.  i was into my surfie chickie babe phase.  i was living in a surfing town and fat chicks were not cool.  i was 19.  by the time i left kalbarri i was 52 kilos.  this was not good and i will admit i was borderline anorexic.  i was swimming everyday and the food menu went like this - breakfast was low fat yoghurt and half cup muesli, lunch was two ryvitas with skim milk cottage cheese and tomatoes and dinner was watermelon.  watermelon only has 14 calories per 100g and is very filling. 

i was lucky this only lasted a few months.  i went out, got pissed and was seen eating a late night vegie kebab and things went back to normal.  i stayed around 55-56 kilos for years until i decided to quit smoking - the first time.  and as it happens i put on a few kilos.  then i got a job that was just full of bad habits.  i was working in automotive and most office meetings were outside - smoking.  so not only had i gained weight but i was also back with the evil habit.  six years later and here we are.  i stop smoking and start swimming.  i was 62 kilos. 

swimming made me very hungry.  it makes me eat more than any other activity.  i would come home after a saturday 3k swim and eat six crumpets with honey drizzled all over.  it was fucking awesome.  then i signed up for the triathlon training course.  i bought new scales and discovered i was 65 kilos.  action was needed.  i knew by then that running and biking would be easier if i was lighter.  i stopped eating like a trooper, cut out all the fat and  reduced my carbs.  i gave up pasta.  i threw out the margarine.  i went back to eating cottage cheese.  i ate a lot of fruit salad.  i still eat this way most of the time.

it took a few months but i got lighter.  i feel better and it does make a difference when you run.  i am no longer a chunky monkey.  it hasnt been without a price.  i have had to buy new tri shorts, new bike shorts and new running skins.  baggy lycra is not a good look.  i now hover around 57-58 but i would like to be around 56-57.  my next goal is to get a bit more muscle, flexibility and strength while staying at the same weight. 

when it comes down to it you have do what is right for you.  not anyone else.  i have always been skinny, slim, thin - whatever and i like it that way.  noone may notice the change but when you do it for you then that doesnt matter.     

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

Absolutely to be healthy it has to be for yourself!