Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Race Schedule for 2010/2011

i have posted my race schedule for this season.  the advantage i have in planning this years races is that i did pretty much all of them last year.  the biggest disappointment is that - in some cases -  two events are on the same day.  and quite a few open water swims are on at the same time as triathlon events.   then i was really looking forward to doing the three olympic distance events and 'going long'.  but the bunbury event is on the same day as the great bike ride and the point walter event is just not on the calendar at all.  that only leaves the city of perth event and i hate swimming in that part of the swan river.  but i will just have to suck it up (just not literally).  bummer about the bunbury one as that is where the folks live and i may have attracted a cheer squad.  i wont bother with the left bank triathlon as the bike course is too compact and far too many novice and fun competitors out there at the same time.  the swim was poorly managed as well.  i will be doing the hillarys course three times but it is an okay course and if windy can be quite tough.  i loved the cottesloe event and this will be a sure thing again.  there are a few more open water swims that i will probably do but that will be on a 'how do i feel' basis.  then there is the biggie.  busselton 70.3.  what this year is all about.             


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Your race schedule is making me very tired. That is amazing!

jenez_world said...

isnt it great !! i just have to make sure the 'races' do not impact my training for the 70.3.