Sunday, October 24, 2010

jedi report 24/10/10

back to the jedi report and the week in review.

i have noticed that when i have a super busy training week then the following week i crash and burn.  the previous week i broke the 10 hour barrier.  on the weekend alone i managed to swim (3.8k), bike (30k) and run intervals (5.5k) on saturday and sunday i did my 45k loop TWICE.  so i kept this in mind all last week and i was tired.  i rested monday, swam 2.5k tuesday, ran 9.5k wednesday, swam 2.5k thursday, cycle 30k friday, ran a fast 5.5k saturday (no swim which is  EXTREMELY rare) and a repeat of the 45k cycle loop for a 90k bike ride yesterday.  so while i was short a few hours i did maintain a reasonable level.  now to increase it back up again this week.  i was hungry all week.

not much else has been happening in jenez world.  work still sucks and i am looking, looking, looking.  i am feeling much better about myself since i cut off all contact with the dysfunctional and nasty people.  they were all truly horrid and i am still dumbfounded as to how badly they all treat and think of one another.  i realised the other day that with this instability i have been unable to even think about taking time off.  i cant plan a holiday.  this  MUST change.

i have been having a fire sale at ebay.  it is amazing what people will buy.  i cleaned up my mountain bike and will put it up for sale.  i have decided that i will buy a better mtb going into next winter.  i am not going to go crazy but just something decent that i can rely on.  so all my ebay earnings are being accumulated into the triathlon and equipment fund. 

the only other tidbit of excitement is that my triathlon club (that i am too insecure as a paranoid newbie to attend) has an experienced person who will be running a novice 70.3 program starting in early january.  you train alone but receive assistance with the training program, nutrition and overall progress, advice and tips etc.  this will be perfect for me.  hopefully it was also mean i may have someone cheering for me on the day.  sounds like i need to grab the violin and play me a pity tune.  i sent off an email and i am in.  apparently i have a good base so kudos to me.  i didnt mention that my times suck.

a big hello to all my followers in the ukraine - dobriy den !!

have a great week !

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