Sunday, October 31, 2010

a dead snake, farewell to the mtb, cairns 2014 and butt biting sharks.

okay so it is wildlife season here.  aside from the dive bombing magpies other creatures are about.  i hate snakes.  really hate them.  i know that they are not trying to hunt me down and they are just trying to defend themselves but i cannot go past thinking that the only good snake is a dead one.  and i rode over one on friday.  lucky i was clipped into my bike because otherwise i would not have remained on it.  it would have been interesting to see what my heart rate peaked at in that moment.  it had been run over, it was brown and about 1.5 metres long.  and being dead it was a good snake.

i sold my mountain bike.  i didnt think it would sell straight away.  ebay is a wonderful thing.  i got a good price and it has gone to a good home.  the cash is the start of the trek mtb fund. 

i have never thought that completing a full ironman distance event would be on the cards for me.  but lately when i think about how far i have come this line of thought is changing.  not one to rush things and i seriously need to do my first 70.3 before getting carried away thinking about anything else BUT i got an email  this week about a new event and i think this would be an excellent mid-life i am turning 50 crisis activity.  so Cairns here i come 2014.

there is a reason why i do not enter the first open water swim of the year.  it is still too early in the migration of ocean going critters, it can be bloody cold and a few years ago a diver was taken in the area of the event.  today the swim was cancelled and this link explains why.  i have my first triathlon in two weeks.  a 1000m swim, 30k bike and 6k run.  it will be the fastest 1000m i have ever swam.  i will be on the inside with hopefully the slower more well built swimmers on the outside.  i may paint my wetsuit bright orange.  and i want the dude who pulled the sharks tail swimming with me.  this was one very lucky girl.

have a great week !

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