Sunday, October 10, 2010

Champion Lakes Duathlon Race (and Medal) Report

this was not a race i planned on doing.  as we all know running is not my strong leg.  rather than having the slight advantage with swimming - and this is only slight but gets me on the bike sooner and then it is catch me if you can on the run.  and as my running improves this is going to get harder for the slow swimmers but good runners.  i am only talking m.o.p.  but i digress.  so starting with a run i am behind from the get go.  this was a 5k run, 21k bike and 2.5k run.  and at my least favourite course which is actually turning out to be my luckiest course.  go figure.

so this week i didnt back off the training.  had a brick session on tuesday and this proved to be a good idea.  swam 3.2k saturday and rode a quick 30k.  early to bed.  saturday the weather was glorious but the forecast was for wet and windy sunday and this was spot on.  it pissed down the whole way there.  i even missed the turn-off and had to double back.  when this  happened i seriously  thought about going home and back to bed.  this was only going to be a good training session anyway.  but then again i thought a race in  bad weather would be even better training.

but the rain stopped and it stayed away until the event finished up.  this was the first time i would be using my garmin in multisport mode and it was a bit distracting because i kept pressing the start/stop instead of the lap button. and it didnt tell me pace on the run and i didnt like that.  training races are great for sorting stuff out.  last year i did the pinkie triathlon but now i am a super ubber athlete this event is more me.  and now i have a third place medal finish to defend.  you read right.  i placed in my age group.  also it was the state duathlon championships so i actually got two medals.  i know. it is un-fucking believable so let me explain how this happened.   

i started off at what i thought was an easy pace.  i didnt want to turn my legs to crap straight up.  but there were alot of fast folks out there.  the run is out and back and the turn around just changes depending on the distance.  the course is flat, boring and windy.  after the rain it was also humid.  time 26.22 pace 5.16.  my quickest 5k in a race EVER... it seems i am very quick in transition.  well compared to a girl in my age group.  she was next to me and i got ahead of her twice in transition - then stayed in front in the last run.  i have no idea what she was doing.  T1 1.29.

the bike was hard work into the wind.  not much else to tell except on the third lap i had this little wippet drafting off me for the whole section into the wind.  i gave him a little lecture on the rules of triathlon.  time 45.12. 28k avg.  T2 1.21.  

my legs felt okay off the bike.  compared to the brick in the middle of the week i was impressed.  not much to tell other than i was glad when it was over.  not nice running into the wind.  i thought it would be slow - felt like 6 min pace.  but happy to see 5.36 pace for 13.45 time.  total time 1.28.13.  okay so in all reality the time is not anything other than middle of the pack.  but who cares - i won medals.   

so maybe a few people did decide to stay in bed.  but isnt it all about who turns  up and performs on the day !  in my age group i was 3rd out of 7.  actually i was 3rd out of 5.  yep two stayed in bed.  but the two who beat me actually came 4th and 6th OVERALL.  they were 20 minutes quicker than me - 12 minutes came from the runs.  i was 49 from 70 overall female.  okay so not quite middle of the pack.  but remember i have two medals and my plan to outlast everyone is coming together.  i just have to get past the 45-49 group as it is the MOST competitive.  i am expecting alot to drop out once they hit 50.  

the event was the WA State Duathlon Championship and is also a round of Triathlon Australia’s National Duathlon Series. the event is a qualifying race for the Australian Team for the 2011 World Duathlon Championships.  this is hysterical.  with my time i will not be waiting by the phone. hence the two medals.  one for general age group and if you are a member of Triathlon W.A. and placed you won the state medal as well.      

i have not had fun swimming at this course.  stinky brown water.  but i am lucky.  last time i won the polar heart monitor in the spot prize.  this event i win medals and another spot prize !!!  wtf !!!  it was only a $30 voucher but who cares.  free stuff is cool.  great training session and being on the podium  (under any circumstances) is very motivating.  

now i am going to see if i can my beat my taco eating record.  

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TRI714 said...

Nice job over there !! Congrats ! hardware is hardware, and you earned it.

jenez_world said...

thanks. and you are right. i bet miranda isnt thinking any less of her first place.