Tuesday, October 5, 2010

back on the road

training has been pretty good this week.  it did help being a public holiday on monday.  thursday was a short swim due to the super swim they had on for the squads and i forgot about.  i had to swim in lane 6 and i will not even bother next time.  wednesday was meant to be a long run but i was tired.  saturday was a good day.  i was hoping for an interval run session but settled for a pretty good 5k run.  my 60 minute time trial was slightly more than an hour but i am working on that.  for my long ride on sunday i wanted to ride close to home but a different route.  i am so sick of my golf course loops - even with my friendly roos.  so i did the newly invented whiteman park loop.  i dont like gnangara road so i will only ride it very early in the morning.  too many trucks and tradies.  beechboro road was great to ride down and at an even steady pace, a very smooth and wide shoulder.  marshall road wasnt so great.  really rough.  then lord street was very narrow for a bit before getting a wider shoulder and the smoothest bitumen ever.  this loop was around 27k.  i then decided to ride down towards west swan and do my old loop through the vines.  back to the start made it a total ride of  45k.  if i could do this twice i would be a happy girl.  my shoulders were starting to pinch so i stopped, snacked and stretched before doing the west swan portion of the vines loop again for a  total of 70k.  i was averaging around 28-29k per hour but i have dropt off the pace (as you will see !!!).  this is my new focus -  i want a 30k average over 90k.

spring is here and i just love it.   there are quite a few people getting out on their bikes and there seems to be some strange code of acknowledging that we are both on bikes.  i am trying to decide if i should just give a nod of the head or a little wave.  or keep the smile that probably looks more like a grimace or is an attempt at conveying the 'this is great but hurts a bit' look.  after this ride i watched the world championship race at geelong.  cadel put up a great fight but thor won.  i saw the finish of the womens event the day before.  i dont know about testing for tainted meat but they should test to see if the winner was a girl ! 

have a great day !

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

The hardest thing about road riding - finding a safe road! Spring is great, though I'm appreciating our fall even more.