Sunday, October 17, 2010

aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi !

We Aussies are slightly sports mad. We love to win. We always think we are the underdog. We have such a big country but so few people in comparison to other countries. So per head of population we are the underdog and that makes winning even more special. I haven’t looked at the stats but I think we have fewer people involved and competing in the sport of triathlon than many other countries. But look at what we have accomplished. Look at Kona this year. What a fantastic result – go Chris and Miranda (and Crowie you are still hot). And we dominate the ITU Olympic Series – especially the women. I look at the level I compete against in Perth and these girls have all worn the green and gold at world championships events (and won !). Something in the water perhaps ?

The Commonwealth Games just finished in Delhi. We won a trazillion gold medals, a zillion silver and a million bronze. You know something is not right when we are dominating in the track and field. I don’t want to take anything away from our athletes who are world beaters and I still like the fact that these games give all athletes a go. But it is slightly embarrassing when even you are sick of your own countries anthem. We beat India in the men’s hockey final 8-0. There is no fun (or glory) in that. My favourite moment was watching the S9 swimmers compete (they are missing limbs or classified at different degrees of disabilities). They swim much faster than me. Amazing.

In posting my prior race results (still a work in progress) I noticed a few things. I am actually slow in transition. It isn’t because I piss fart around (love that term). I keep things simple with no fancy gear. I am slow because as soon as I cross over that mat I slow down as though transition is time for a little rest. This must stop. I can gain at least two minutes here. I also noticed that in comparison to the other girls my best leg is the bike. I always move up the field on the bike. So while I love swimming in reality I have to focus on the bike. It will be worth it. I have to be able to back it up on the run as well. I think about when I first started this adventure which was not quite two years ago and I have learnt so much. I was so green. Still a way to go but I am now at the stage where I can start making my training count. I need to make sure there are clear build and rest weeks and that the training is focused and has a goal. My other learning curve is nutrition. I headed off for a 90k bike ride yesterday after having a banana for breakfast. Even though there is a lot of bugs flying around and I have eaten my fair share this is not enough. I did take two energy bars and felt so much better once these were scoffed.

Friday I managed to get a quick 60 minute bike ride in after work. As I was heading back it was near dusk and I was passing the golf course when a kangaroo came bounding along and was racing alongside me. I think he was out for a long run at an easy pace of about 26-28 km per hour. It was wonderful.

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