Monday, October 18, 2010

50 facts about me

1. I have never drunk coffee. I don’t like anything that is coffee flavoured.
2. I was born in Perth – Scotland. My parents were on a very long working holiday.

3. I love diet coke.

4. The last time I got really drunk was at the John Mellencamp concert November 2008. He only played about five hits and the rest was from his very depressing album life, love, death and freedom. What else was there to do ?

5. It took me 10 years to get my commerce degree part-time. This included going back and getting my TEE (final year high school).

6. I love to travel. My scorecard is USA (3), England (1), Ireland (1), Scotland (2), China (1), Hong Kong (1), Singapore (2), Thailand (3), Malaysia (1), Indonesia (4), New Zealand (1), Japan (1).

7. I love golden retrievers. Jesse Dog was my first and her ashes are at our favourite beach. I still miss her.

8. I like chocolate but I don’t love it.

9. I am a West Coast Eagles supporter.

10. I don’t wear matching underwear.

11. I am a lazy cook.

12. True Blood is the brilliant. Porn with a plot. Before that it was Lost and Six Feet Under.

13. I played hockey most of my life. When I was younger people thought I had potential. I didn’t.

14. Best live band is/was Powderfinger.

15. I don’t eat mushrooms.

16. While I do use good skin care products I do not wear make-up. I get my eyelashes tinted and only ever use lip gloss.

17. I have never broken a bone.  Unless you count a fractured hand (hockey).

18. Meat has to be well-done. Cremated. It cannot be still mooing at me.

19. Icecream is divine.

20. I love the colour blue.

21. I have only ever owned four cars.

22. I have a tattoo (doesn’t everyone ?).

23. I can only drink milk if it is flavoured.

24. While I smoked didn’t inhale pot in my surfie chickie babe hippie days I have never touched anything else. Okay so I did mushrooms once in Thailand but that is organic (they were totally disgusting to eat - even in an omelet smothered in tomato sauce).

25. I own over 400 c.d.’s.

26. Favourite item of clothing is my 501 levi jeans.

27. I do not like long fingernails.

28. I remember where I was when John Lennon died.

29. I am very loyal.

30. I have never had anyone really close to me die.

31. Buying my house was the best decision I have ever made.

32. I wish I could sing.

33. I will never go ski-diving.

34. I have tan lines from riding the bike and this looks strange when I am in my speedos.

35. I love being Australian.

36. My middle name is Anne so my initials are JAP.

37. I mow my own lawns.

38. The hottest men are swimmers. 

39. I do not have an I-Phone.

40. I do not want to be cremated in case they find a cure for death.

41. I am a very light sleeper and a cricket farting will wake me up.

42. I was the captain of the school team Red in Primary school and we won the athletics carnival that year.

43. Facebook is lame.

44. I am a dysfunctional middle child.

45. There is a person in my office who whistles and it really annoys me.

46. I love Lush.

47. I cut my finger and had stitches before a major hockey carnival and my mum made me wear a condom on it to keep it dry.

48. When Grease (The Movie) came out I was not confident enough to wear Olivia’s black pants. Now I not only wear them in public but I run in them as well.

49. I want to know if we all go to heaven how old are we when we get there ?

50. I would love to own a book store that also has a wine bar.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

No coffee but Coke? Wine bar/bookstore would be an awesome combo.

jenez_world said...

just for the taste ! okay - and the caffeine. i need one vice.

Anonymous said...

Mum did what to your finger? OMFG!! love this list....only a few i did not know like the condom finger!!! ROTF....KYM....cannot recall my google password