Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the pity party is over

sometimes life is just crap and even though i was starting to feel like a victim i refuse to let that happen.  basically they can all go and get fucked.  i am a good person and i will not let people feel better about themselves by making me feel like crapola.  end of fucking story.  that is unless i end up jobless and therefore homeless followed by having to sell my stock of lycra, goggles and bikes. 

so back to being glorious me.

i had a lame recovery swim tuesday. 
wednesday i ran an easy 5k.  it was good.
2.5k swim thursday.   it is hard to swim while crying.  told you it was a pity party.
rest day friday.
3.5k swim saturday am.  7k run saturday pm.
sunday - i really wanted to ride the roadie this week but the weather was not great and i ummed and agghhed and then rode the trainer while watching clash of the titans. men in skirts with big swords.  what more do you need to cheer up. 

the race details for the dwellingup 100 are out.  the 40k course appears doable.  i just want my finishers medal.  i am seriously hoping it is going to be alot of fun but slightly painful.  stealing a quote from another blog i read - the body is evil and must be punished.  love it.  my bruised knees are a dull yellow.  the other big issue is what to wear.  if i come off i dont want to ruin anything.  fuck i am a girl. 


Kovas Palubinskas said...

"Alot of fun but slightly painful," love it. Dean Karnazes' childhood coach told him that if it didn't hurt, he wasn't trying hard enough. There, I just compared you to Karno!

jenez_world said...

Thanks :) For the words of encouragement too !