Thursday, September 30, 2010

the good things

i always look at the positive.  the glass is always half full.  i believe that all the curve balls are there to make you stronger and a better person.

this week i started my new role within the company that i work for.  i was transferred to head office and this is a good thing.  the drive has turned out to be okay although it will make training a bit more of a challenge.  i have learnt many things about the people i was working with and none of it is good.  i will always think that people are good and it is up to them to prove me wrong.  i cant live it any other way even if that doesnt always work well for me.  these people are BIGOTS.  it can head fuck you if you are not careful.

training has been up and down.  i try to clear the brain once i walk out that office door.  i have missed my road bike and went for a ride sunday and monday.  it was a long weekend and this was a very good thing.  but i struggled.  the first ride was only 40k before my shoulders muscles cramped.  then monday i headed out earlier and made it to 65k before the pain was too bad.  i need time on the roadie badly.  on sunday i got to catch up with my local friends but i did miss getting a pic of big boy.  i am going to make it my mission.  i have mentioned him before.  he is the one so big that you could make a handbag out of his boy bits rather than just a purse.

Check out the one behind the tree !

See the Momma with her Joey !
As close as I could get.
the racing calendar is now out and i have decided what events i will do.  last year i raced just about anything that was available.  some events are not happening this year and some clash so that has been disappointing.  i will post my final list soon.

i received my latest order from amazon and read a wonderful book - once a runner.  to quote - it captures the essence of what it means to devote your entire existence to a single minded (running) pursuit of excellence.  i have to order the follow up book - -again to carthage.  i am now onto bowerman and the men of oregon.  i use to read constantly.  quite often i would have two or three books on the go.  but for a year i have read nothing but tri/bike mags.  i have had the girl with dragon tattoo on my side table for months.  i cannot get into it at all.  i love reading.  maybe reading books about swim - bike - run will get me back.  books are a very good thing. i love amazon and the aussie dollar.

thursday i was going to the physio about 6.30 and driving down reid highway between altone and beechboro.  then i see this burnt orange coloured holden hsv ute driving toward me on the wrong side of the road.  there was a small hatch car in front of me that it would have hit first.  i slow down and hit the horn.  the guy swerves back onto his side of the road just before missing the little hatch and flys by me.  but the hatch had actually slowed pretty much to a halt and although i had hit the brakes i slammed straight into the back of them.  fuck.  it was loud and it was a shock.  i had not been expecting it.  i thought the whole front of my car was gone.  glass was everywhere.  but i knew we were lucky.  we hadnt hit the idiot in the hsv and my airbag had not gone off.  i reversed back and got out.  the little hatch had no hatch anymore.  all the glass was their back window.  i could not believe how good my car looked !!! the girl driving was really upset.  she had narrowly missed a head-on only to be hit from behind and they were not expecting it.  their car would be a write off.  mine will take 10 days to repair and it cost me $200 excess as the accident becomes my fault.  the reason why my car looks so good is that i hit the car in front with the strongest part of the car.  go mitsubishi.  i hope this is the last of the not so good things. 

the bonnet, front and side panels will be replaced.  the side ones are all squished up.
after the prior rear end  i have two smashed up number plates.  time to get personal.

back window of little hatch was all over the bonnet and this is some of what remained to clean up.
anyway i am alive and this is an extremely good thing.  it is just a car but a good car.  dont drive a small car. 

the AFL grand final was on last weekend.  and collingwood did not win.  this is also a good thing.  but then again st kilda didnt win either.  a friggin draw and we do it all over again this weekend.  i thought only the irish did a replay.  go saints.

and then there are these two.  my sanity check and best friends.  they keep me real.  a VERY goood thing.

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