Thursday, September 9, 2010

don't do sick

last week was just bad and to be honest it has only gone downhill from there.  some bastard gave me some crappy bug and i just dont handle being sick.  i dont have time for it.  since the city to surf there has been no running and there has been no swimming.  i did not go to work on friday but slept and watched some  daytime tv.  i think i could get a job as a writer for the bold and the beautiful.  on saturday i drove down to dwellingup for a scouting mission.  i was in a bit of fog though.  i didnt take enough food and had to buy and eat a meat pie.  it had no meat.  then i could not find the start of the marringup trail and spent the first 30 minutes riding the mundi biddi trail thinking this is going to be easy.  the track is about 8k long and mostly single track.  when i did locate it i only had time to ride for a further 30 minutes.  just as triathlon really has five modes (swim, bike, run, transition and nutrition) mountain biking also has locating the trail as an extra skill.  i was very tired on the drive home.  not a hard workout so a bit concerning.  sunday i was up early-ish and in mundaring by 9.  did i mention that i had the pedals on the mtb changed over to clipless and i had my new shimano mtb shoes ?  a bit of madness really when the mtb cost $400 and the new pedals $100.  i have never been great at clipping in and out so i got the ones that are normal one side and you clip in the other side.  and you can tell the difference as far as pedal power goes so worth doing.  most of the time things went well but as i became tired i was having more and more near miss accidents.  then i am heading back on an easy part of the trail but with one decent gravel climb.  i stay clipped in and almost get to the top but the tyres just spin at the last moment and i crash past two posts.  my shoes come out and i give my knee a bash but stay upright.  i then notice a guy at the bottom pushing his bike up hill.  i head off and just as i am getting to a small hill i hear a bell to indicate i am being passed.  i assumed it was the guy but he never passed me.  i guess the hill got him and i have a nice little chuckle at this.  it was not to last.  just as i get back to the park where my car is i have to cross a road with an island in the middle.  i see a car on the opposite side approaching but think i can make it.  i get to the middle of the first side of the road and realise i will not make it and then forget i am clipped in and try to put both feet on the ground.  well we all know how this goes - badly.  i then realise another car is coming from the other side and i am almost taken out by mercedes on one side versus bmw on the other.  so there i am struggling not to fall over and just hoping that the guy was far enough back to not see this.  as i am about to hit the road my shoes come out and i somehow hit both knees on the pedals but avoid the bitumen.  i have matching black bruises on both knees.  this gives me no confidence for next week.  only positive it was a 30k ride and not a bad workout.  since then i have had an easy swim and 5k run.  i do finally feel like i am getting my healthy mojo back.

as far as work goes it is as bad as it can get.  i had to make the decision to talk to the kind folks at head office and in technical terms the shit has hit the fan.  alternative roles are being looked at and this has been extremely distressing.  to the point where it has been hard to even train.  no concentration.  but training relieves stress so i make myself.  i keep thinking why me, what did i do wrong, where did i go wrong.   but today i have realised that this has nothing to do with me.  it would have been the same for whoever took on the position.  there can be no regrets.  it is just another curve ball and lesson in life.

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

Keep the balance, stay patient, and everything will work out!