Sunday, August 15, 2010


today i set off for a new mountain bike adventure.  the running has been going very well and i have been putting in some excellent hard endurance swims.  i am very much aware that i swim more that i should and my bike sessions are way too low.  but i love swimming so who really cares.  i had sent away for some mountain bike trail maps and for $3o i got these brilliant rip and water proof maps of the munda biddi trail.  i have been totally surprised at just what great trails are out there.  the track covers over 1000k's and goes from mundaring to nannup with the next section to albany under construction.  munda biddi means 'path through the forest'. 

i decided i would start at the beginning of the track which is just off the railway heritage track and located at sculpture park (remember the cute little people pic !).  i planned to ride 20k south and then turn around and come back.

this track is not as clearly marked as the railway heritage trail but has these cute little yellow triangles with sqiggles on them pointing the way.  most of the time they are located on yellow poles and easy to spot.  but other times they may just be nailed to a tree.  which is fine if the trail is flat with no rocks, tree branches, mud holes etc and you are able to admire the scenery.  i missed the trail a few times and while sometimes it just meant i was on a slightly different track (usually a harder one) i missed a biggie and had to double back on a road and up a hill and find the correct track.  it is true that 1km on a mountain bike is equal to 2km on a road bike.  you do not want to be getting lost.

this was one of the hardest workouts i have completed.  it was close to 4 hours out there.  i was climbing huge hills - both on and off the road.  i discovered i have okay skills when it comes to steep descents.  a few times i had no idea if i was heading in the right direction.  from mundaring i headed up to the mundaring weir hotel and then rode down to hackett road via the pipeline trail and took the touring section thinking that i had over-reached my capabilities and this would be easier.  somehow i missed a major trail sign (see garmin below) and had to double back.  finally i made it to the 'Dell'.  this is a picnic area with facilities  and where quite a few mountain cyclists start out from.  i think i surprised some when i  emerged from the bush.  again the scenery was just amazing.  and this time i managed to take a pee without getting caught ! i then turned around and headed back to mundaring.

part of the section at the mundaring weir hotel is on the road and when i was heading out i  passed a few road cyclists struggling up the hill.  suckers.  then i remembered i would have to come back this way and do it on a mountain bike.  only saving grace is my extra gears.  then you climb this mother up past the nice folks sitting out in the beer garden.  you do wonder wtf you are doing just as your legs are screaming at you to just stop.  but of course you cant because everyone is watching you.  anyway i finally made it back to the car and home.  i was totally roo-ted and slept like a friggin baby.  this was way too much fun.  adventure by garmin - i did forget to hit start at the beginning.

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