Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a nervous ninny with a gammy leg

i have become fixated on my garmin calendar.  it is telling me things.  some i knew and others i suspected.

1. i am not doing as many hours as i think i am.  but i never seem to have any free time so i am going to start tracking all my time and see where i am going wrong.   
2. lack of pink squares means not enough time on the bike.  winter doesnt help but training for the city to surf and dwellingup have taken time away from the roadie.  when the bike is close to 80% of the total distance in either the olympic or half events then time spent training should correspond.
3. events take time away from training.  if i do them then i should either be planning for an 'A' race or use them as training 'B' races.

my knee and leg are really annoying me.  and it makes me nervous to put it into words.  i am going to the physio tomorrow morning.  i have friday off and will have a massage.  a bit close to sunday but everyone is booked out.  i think am just being a nervous ninny. 

after sunday i am really going to pick things up and not worry about dwellingup too much.  i will just have fun with it.  winter is running out.  i have signed up for the great bike ride in november.  last year i did the 56k one lap.   i love the course.  but 53k is not far enough while the 106k is a challenge.  so i signed up for the 106k.  i know i will finish the first lap in under two hours and then blend in with the one lappers.  i am a little worried about being a lone rider.  the majority will be guys in groups - working together.  this is another reason why i need alot more time in the saddle.

the dates are out for the triseries events and the open water swimseries.  plans are afoot.  i am going to cover that garmin calendar with a rainbow of activities. 

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