Monday, August 2, 2010


i need to get over it and just get the fuck out of bed.  i know it is winter that makes me do it - or not do it. 

tuesday am - no bike.
tuesday pm - a good mix of drills and intervals.  2.3k swim.
wednesday - 7k run avg pace 5.40
thursday am - no bike
thursday pm - intervals. 2.5k swim.
friday - no run due to rain.  so i rode the trainer for 60 mins.  yaahhh.
saturday am - 3.6k swim. 400 IM warm-up.  1500m free. 3 x 500 free. 200 IM cool down.
saturday pm - 7.5k run intervals.  this is the first time with garmin.  headed down to the local oval and completed 10 x 400m with 1.30 RI.  i started at a higher pace than planned and by the last three i was running at the target.  this was fun.
sunday am - 60k road bike ride.  first 25k felt awesome. 
sunday pm - needed to do along run as make-up for rain blah blah blah.  ran 3.5k.  my legs were tired and i will not run if anything feels close to aggravating something. 
sunday late pm - radox bath and glass of wine.

approx 9 hrs.

i cannot run two days in a row.  so i am moving the long run to wednesday and intervals to saturday.  therefore i have to give up monday as a rest day and run the tempo.  friday is now the rest day.   bring on summer so mornings become an option. 

i had a busy week at work - driving to meetings etc and i hate it.  i have successfully managed to change over my trainer tyre and road tyre twice now.  i am very good at getting grease all over my hands.  my wine free challenge only lasted 14 days.  will have to attempt this again.  i baked a plum pudding for xmas in july.

still didnt manage to get out of bed and onto the trainer this morning.

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