Sunday, August 29, 2010

City to Surf 2010 Report

last year when i completed this event i had never run 12k.  i had run a bit around perry lakes due to the triathlon training course at challenge stadium so i knew some of the hills.  i remember being very worried about running the distance. i did get some great advice about the course from friends.  i walked only through the aid stations and heartbreak hill got me and i walked the last top section of the first hill.  this event has remained one of my favourites because for me it was the hardest.  my time - 1.18.25.   i was just glad to make it.

so twelve months later and with a great deal more fitness and run training i had certain expectations.  my running has been consistent but not over the top.  i did not do any hill training which considering the amount of tough hills in the course this will be a focus for next year. 

last year i loved the whole feel of the event and while the clothing pick up was a disaster i still had fun.  the start was smooth and the finish was organised.  this year the start was slow and i got held up.  i am promoting myself to Group B next year.  some people are not honest about their abilities.  at the end i was so tired that all the people started freaking me out - it was so packed and like i needed air.  really - is it so hard to put on some deodorant before running.  then i walked past one of the toilets and i still think i can smell it.  this is the only thing i dont like about fun runs - the gross smell.  wtf ??   strange that during triathlons i dont notice it and yet any anti pong lotion has probably worn off in the ocean.  

so how did i go.  well i was nervous and had to keep reminding myself that the only pressure was coming from me and it wasnt because i was concerned about the training going to waste.  more like it would prove that i am useless after all.   turns out my knee issue has nothing to do with my knee but the rest of my leg.  massage work is needed.  that and more effective stretching and hydrating.  another story.   i was well rested with good nana naps and a wine free week.  i had even taken to sleeping in my skins. 

the course was a bit weird this year.  a few spots people went in different directions - like at  perry lakes where they cut through the park.  i choose to follow the normal route.  no short cuts for me. 

i set my play list for around 1.06.  this would be a massive PB on a hilly course.  very ambitious and 5.30 pace.  i had my rocky theme song set to play last again.  i watched my pace most of the way and i dont think i was really believing what i was seeing. but i kept at it.  i think the reason why i dont feel like i enjoyed it as much this year because it hurt a bit more.  i didnt walk any hills and not heartbreak hill either.  my plan was to focus on running up the hill rather than how hard it was.  you can see that i slowed but i made it.  it did take more out of me that any other hill/s.  i think everyone goes to their own private place when the pain builds.

as far as the result goes i dont think it has sunk in and yet to some/most it probably isnt that special.  tonight i am going to enjoy a big fat t-bone steak, a glass of wine (or two before i fall asleep) and some magnificent dark chocolate.  and a huge thank you goes out to garmin.  the time - 1.06.50.  big grin.  official place - 3962 of 13759 runners (71.20%).  690 of 6119 female finishers (88.72%) and 116 of 1048 AG Female finishers (88.93%).  Nearly in the top ten %.


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