Wednesday, August 18, 2010

chances we take

a surfer was taken by a shark this week in gracetown (few hours south of here).  pretty much the same spot as the attack and death in 2004.  the shark took serious chunks out of his legs and he died from loss of blood.  these guys know the risks.  it was early in the morning and an overcast grey day.  it is the time of year that the whales are travelling past and the sharks follow them.  seals had been seen that morning.  this guy was out on his own in a black wetsuit.  i know for my american readers that this is a horror story and your worse nightmare.  something about being eaten by an animal really freaks people (and me) out.  but the truth is you have a much greater chance of being killed in a car accident.  do i worry about sharks ? not when i am out there swimming.  too much else is going on and the events are usually well monitored and patrolled.  would i be out swimming like this guy was surfing.  not a chance in hell. 

you would have to be a mushroom to not know that the federal election is this weekend.  i never want this blog to involve this subject but there is a link between this and my adventures.  i dont understand swinging voters.  i have my core values and beliefs and i have always voted one way.  i dont want to give things away (but i will) and while i think that neither side has any real vision - for our sakes i do hope we get the PM who can call himself an ironman.  that i respect.  last word - it frustrates me that women will support women just because they are woman.  that is an insult to women.  it should just be based on performance.  not race, colour or sex. that is it for politics.

this week i became a card carrying member of triathlon australia.  time to truly support the cause and i do (strangley) feel less of a newbie.  i also chose to join a club but i am undecided as to whether i will actually get involved in training sessions.

my swim on tuesday was bliss.  i could feel the water and it was my friend.  i was gliding past the squad boys.  it is possible to smile while swimming.

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Lexy said...

DUDETE.....i got me a GOOGLE profile!! Peeps tried to get Hillary in just coz she was female and it's a fact blacks voted for Obama coz he was black. Word is if you dont like Obama then you are racist? WTF? so if you did not like Bush then you are? i forgot to ask u how happy u were Rudd was gone.

Vote on the the best person for the job that follows closest to what you belive is my opinion.

bummer about dude and shark. I was never worried about sharks until i saw Jaws. u owe me mail