Monday, August 9, 2010


this is the quickest 5k i have ever run.  26.12 minutes.  well i may have run faster when i was in high school but i dont recall ever doing that.  i was a sprinter and distance running was just not cool.  i am gaining on my goal of 25 minutes for a 5k but this is after a swim and bike so still some way to go.  but this did get me excited because i wasnt fresh and i had just ran the most in one week probably ever.  when you see results it makes it all worth it.  i did go to the physio this week as my i.t. band was really pissing me off.  i have a roller but that is the most agonising thing in the world.  anyway he stuck needles in it and gave it a good deep massage and after the interval run on saturday it feels super loose.  things are looking good for the city to surf but i dont want to count the chickens just yet.

this week i have been absorbed by the attitudes that people take.  and the judgements.  i am choosing to have a good lifestyle.  is it obsessive and selfish ?  maybe a little but then again it is my life and i report  to no-one.  i get so many raised eyebrows and comments because i swim, bike and run.  are people feeling guilty ?  would they be more comfortable if i was a slob.  i get tired of people saying i am skinny.  i am very sure that obese people do not attract so many comments - in fact it would be the opposite.  the fact that they have no self control, discipline or motivation to look after themselves is constantly ignored.  but on a daily basis i am reminded that i am too skinny and too fit.  i wonder what would happen if i walked up to a fat person and told them - gee you are so fat and you really should stop eating so much and maybe get your fat arse off the sofa and do something.  i dont talk to people too much about triathlons because they really do not get it.  this does make things difficult because it is a big part of my life.  most people that are into triathlons will agree with me.  some responses you get when you tell people are interesting.  however if you ask and i reply then i dont expect to be criticised for it.  people really are happier when you are doing what they want you to do.  i dont want to do that anymore.  ever. 

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