Tuesday, July 13, 2010

have i mentioned ...

i have been a bad blogger. 

have i mentioned that i really hate friggin winter.  although in the grand scheme of things i really have nothing to complain about.  perth has shitty weather for maybe three months max and even then i can probably get a ride in every weekend and run most days.  but it has been extremely cold - it was 1 degree the other morning forf#*&sake !!!!   and now it is really wet and i just dont like it.  and my electricity bill was humungous.

i rode my trainer for the 90 minutes last sunday.  i knew it was going to be extremely boring but i wasnt prepared for just how much harder it is than the open road.  for the next few weeks i plan to ride the trainer three days per week and i am taking the mountain bike on a trail ride sunday - i will post pics.  i am struggling to find consistency with my training while winter is here.

i am sad today because cadel's race is over.  now that lance is done with the tour i hope he takes up triathlon.  that is something i want to see. 

i miss racing. 

my strength personal training sessions are just about over.  i have one leg session tonight and the last upper body monday.  it has made a difference and i have gained some great workouts that i can do at home. i will be glad to go back to having monday as a rest day and running on friday. 

i have discovered these great breakfast cookies that i make every week.  when i do i cannot stop eating them.  my boss says they look like big dog turds.

i have decided that i am having five days off from all training and a weekend of casual outdoor activities (starting next tuesday) before starting a program that will lead me into the triathlon season of 2010/2011.

have i mentioned that i hate winter.

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