Monday, July 26, 2010

and so it begins

i have had my little rest.  it was strangely difficult to not do something.  no swimming for nine days, no bike or running for six days.  i did my last upper weight session on monday and then nudder for four days.  i was lost.

prior to me and garmin meeting i used another high tech tool to track my training.  it did get neglected and hasnt been updated for well over 18 months.  also handy for remembering the name of your hairdresser. 

i overcame the technical difficulties and here is the ride from last week.  i did this again yesterday and just a fantastic beautiful winters day - i know i shouldnt complain.  the ride was easier with the main obstacles being horse poo, kamikaze magpies and goannas.  they do warn you about snakes lying on the warm track.  i hate snakes. 

this weekend i will be gettting back on the road bike before heading down to dwellingup in two weeks.  i have missed the road.  i watched most of the tour de france and just loved every moment.  it had it all.  the scenery and the course, the riders and the teams.  the history and culture behind the tour.  i am trying to decide whether i am attracted to the riders (seriously - is there padding in there somewhere ?) or want to scream out for someone to give them a big fat burger to eat.  i am no fan of contador but i would of kept going too.  and lance is just a fucking legend in my book. 

this is the beginning of following a specific training program.  and it will start something like this -

monday - rest day
tuesday - tabata intervals bike a.m.  this is meant to be brutal but time efficient.  warm up 10 mins then increase gear ratio and sprint for twenty seconds then stop and rest 10 seconds.  you do this eight times and if you hold nothing back then you will be rooted.  you can do these for running as well but you recover 90 - 120 seconds in between.  swim 2.5k p.m.
wednesday - running.  1.5k warm up. 4.5 tempo pace 1.5k cooldown.
thursday - tabata intervals a.m. swim 2.5k p.m.
friday - running.  10-20 warm up. 10 x 400 w/1.30 rest. 10 min cooldown. pace 1.51. 
saturday - swim a.m. 3.5k long run p.m. 10k.
sunday - road bike ride a.m. 75k.  pilates/weights p.m.

stay tuned.

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